USS Franklin

Time for another special edition! As is often the case for the specials this model comes from the Kelvinverse and is the first ship in the collection from the latest movie. We should be seeing a swarm ship from Beyond as a special at some point too. The Franklin is an old ship, uncovered on […]

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Orion Scout Ship

Aside from the obvious categorization of ships based on race and political affiliation there are plenty of other smaller sub-categories in the collection. For example Federation ships that appeared in the Battle of Sector 001, wrecks from the Borg encounter at Wolf 359 and the Kelvin-verse ships that sometimes appear as specials. Another sub-category the […]

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USS Titan Preview

For those of you who don’t follow Ben Robinson’s Twitter feed here’s a couple of pictures he took of the prototype USS Titan. You may recall a long time ago there was a petition to include this Star Trek Online ship in the collection. A target of 10,000 signatures was reached and Ben said they […]

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USS Kyushu

Now this is a Star Trek model! The barrel of Federation ships is being well and truly scraped in the collection now but that doesn’t bother me one bit, certainly not when they are this fascinating. The Kyushu is a New Orleans class ship seen once as a wreck in the Battle of Wolf 359. […]

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Suliban Cell Ship

Recent ships in the collection have mostly been one episode only ships or seen only¬†briefly in two or three episodes. The Suliban cell ships have appeared in at least half a dozen Enterprise episodes so it’s a surprise it has taken so long for one to appear in the collection. I know it has been […]

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ECS Horizon

It’s been a while since we saw the ECS Fortunate, in fact almost half the collection ago. This issue gives us another ECS cargo ship, the Horizon, which Ensign Mayweather of the NX-01 grew up on. The Horizon is roughly similar in layout to the Fortunate, but the design differs considerably in various ways. Both […]

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