USS Bozeman NCC-1941

You may think the USS Bozeman is a heavily armoured Miranda class festooned with an array of huge guns. I did, and I was wrong – on two counts. Firstly the powerful looking weaponry is in fact a selection of sensors. In fact a similar thing happened to the USS Saratoga. Secondly this is not […]

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Hirogen Holoship

The Hirogen ships have a bulbous, antique design. The curvy main hull is golden and adorned with a wide variety of components. The engine exhaust is rather retro style protuberance at the rear of the ship and the faceted nacelles are barely visible behind large pieces of cowling. This victorian-esque design may a reference to […]

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Freedom Class

This is another briefly encountered wreck from the Battle of Wolf 459, adding to the several that have already appeared in the collection so far (note sometimes the article is the class not the ship’s name and merely matches the title Eaglemoss has chosen for each model): Challenger Class  (USS Buran 4/5) Springfield Class (USS Chekov […]

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22nd Century Ferengi Starship

The Ferengi are one of my favourite races in Star Trek. In TNG, Voyager and Enterprise they are represented as seemingly incompetent and mercenary but in DS9 their culture is explored in far more detail showing us a rather more believable society. In Enterprise they appeared only once in ‘Acquisition’ in what must be a […]

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USS Curry

The USS Curry is one mess of a starship. It was built hurriedly during the Dominion war and pressed into service as soon as its critical systems were ready. So whilst it looks a bit ridiculous it is an entirely capable if incomplete ship. It is pretty clear the Curry uses the same hull sections […]

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Tellarite Cruiser

I’ve been expecting this model since the issue 33 Andorian Cruiser three years ago. Both the Andorians and Tellarites appeared in the Original Series and then reappeared in Enterprise along with their ships. Whilst the Andorians appeared in several episodes of Enterprise the Tellarites were less often seen which is too bad as their ships look […]

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