Smuggler’s Ship

You may have noticed this model has a vague resemblance to the Bajoran Freighter from a few issues back. In fact there are many variations of this model such as the Husnock warship (though that may not appear in the collection). It’s an easily modified but frankly rather run of the mill design. In this […]

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Deep Space Station K-7

Space stations are critical locations in the Federation yet seldom seen, with the notable exception of Deep Space Nine. They will make the occasion cameo such as the Yorktown in ST:Beyond, Regula 1 in Wrath of Khan and K-7 in TOS and DS9. K-7 is right on the frontier of Federation space and next to […]

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USS Jenolan

Marooned on the surface of a Dyson sphere for decades the USS Jenolan is in a sorry state by the time the Enterprise D finds it. However not only are they able to retrieve the aged Scotty from a transporter buffer but bring the Jenolan to some degree of spaceworthiness. Not bad going though it […]

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Vidiian Warship

I’m a little surprised this has taken so long to appear in the collection. Along with the Kazon, this is an early Voyager bad guy that made several appearances. It’s quite an irregular ship, not quite ugly but certainly less impressive than I remember from those old Voyager episodes. Furthermore I keep getting the ship […]

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Klingon D5-Class Battlecruiser

I’m seriously running out of shelf space now at home. The collection was originally planned to run to 70 models plus a few specials but it will end up being double this, maybe even more. So a decision is looming up – do I keep everything on display, cramming and spreading across surfaces, or do […]

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Altamid Swarm Ship

It’s been over a month since my last post, not because I’m lazy (though I am) but thanks to a very belated delivery of ships, two months worth at once in fact. I now have in my possession a Klingon D5 Class Battlecruiser, Vidiian Warship, USS Jenolan, Smuggler’s Vessel and an Altamid Swam Ship. The […]

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Bajoran Freighter

The Bajorans are surprisingly well represented considering their ships are, well, crap. That is the point of course as the Bajorans are left with an outdated and decrepit fleet after the Cardassian occupation. The Antares class freighter is one of these outdated and under-powered ships, yet it is warp capable and seem to be well […]

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