Bajoran Freighter

The Bajorans are surprisingly well represented considering their ships are, well, crap. That is the point of course as the Bajorans are left with an outdated and decrepit fleet after the Cardassian occupation. The Antares class freighter is one of these outdated and under-powered ships, yet it is warp capable and seem to be well […]

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Type 15 Shuttlepod Re-issue

In my shuttlecraft second set review¬†eagle-eyed commenter DradusContact spotted the Type 15 had an incorrect registry. To me surprise Eaglemoss delivered on a small Facebook message that they would send out replacements! Today I received a brand new Type 15 with the correct NCC-1701 registry on the front. You can see the original at the […]

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Issue 100: USS Horizon

It’s always a nice surprise to come across a ship I haven’t heard of before and even more so when that ship has an interesting design. The USS Horizon is such a ship, a pre-Enterprise but post-NX-01 class not even seen in the TV series except for a small model in Deep Space Nine. Its […]

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Assimilated Arctic One

This model can fall into two possible categories, non-Starfleet human ships and Borg. The latter is certainly more fitting and I’m pleased to report that this is probably the best Borg model in the collection. This is not a difficult accolade to achieve as the previous models have been particularly poor. We’ve had the Borg […]

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USS Rhode Island

You may think you’ve seen this ship already early on in the collection. That was the USS Equinox, the Nova class Starfleet vessel way back in issue 15. The USS Rhode Island is a refitted Nova class, very similar to the Equinox with only a few minor changes. It is different enough that the models […]

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USS Franklin

Time for another special edition! As is often the case for the specials this model comes from the Kelvinverse and is the first ship in the collection from the latest movie. We should be seeing a swarm ship from Beyond as a special at some point too. The Franklin is an old ship, uncovered on […]

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