Every fortnight I’ll be reviewing each new Star Trek starship model from the new piecework series produced by Eaglemoss Collections.


There will be over seventy different models in this series, plenty well known but also many obscure and unusual. This blog will discuss each and every one and help anyone who hasn’t yet bought a particular model and is interested in it’s build quality and appearance.


Roughly once a fortnight as that’s the interval between each model delivery. Occasionally there will be additional posts as news of future models pop-up or of special edition models.


I am a long time Star Trek fan, living in the home counties, UK.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi just to say ive been reading your reviews for some time now. I have to say they are very good, i collect the star ships myself and its always nice to hear what other people have to say. Keep them coming……

  2. Hi, when are you going to do another review? I collect the models myself and enjoy hearing what other people think. Your reviews are every good and i enjoy reading what you have to say. Hope you do one soon.

    Many thanks gary

    1. Hello – hopefully in the next few days. I had to put the blog on a brief hiatus as I went on my hole, but now I back I’ll try and speed things up and get up to date. I think I’ve got five ships outstanding to review!

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