Klingon D5-Class Battlecruiser

I’m seriously running out of shelf space now at home. The collection was originally planned to run to 70 models plus a few specials but it will end up being double this, maybe even more. So a decision is looming up – do I keep everything on display, cramming and spreading across surfaces, or do I pack some away? I feel the latter will happen as already my models are brushing shoulders with each other. My plan is keep out all Federation/Starfleet models, Klingon and Romulan and put the rest away. Maybe keep out the special editions too. These constitute the original triumvirate and each hold the lion’s share of the collection, particularly Starfleet of course. The Klingon ships are generally of very high quality of design and build, on a par with the best of the Starfleet models. If only more models in the collection had the same care and detail as the Klingons receive.

This late in the collection I was not expecting to encounter such an excellent Klingon ship yet Issue 102 delivers with the D5-Class Battle Cruiser. It has a passing resemblance to the Klingon Raptor with a similar structure and layout yet entirely different components and details. The large angular wings support complex nacelles and are topped in the centre by a large red cooling grill, a detail common with many Klingon ships. The long pointed bridge is joined to the wings by longer neck adorned with various pipes and struts. The real treat here is that the underside of the ship is even more complex with a more struts and supports on show along with underslung twin disrupters. There is such an intense level of detailing here that surpasses many of the special edition models. I have lamented previously on poor models that lack both detail and colour, as without one the other must compensate. There is no compensating here: the colour scheme is a basic light green yet crucially a painted panelling effect on the wings and the hulls works perfectly. A grill is painted red, nacelle exhausts are yellow, impulse engines red and some nice ribbed section on the underside gold. No more is necessary. The detail is excellent, really excellent. Aside from the expanse of the wings and the top of bridge section everywhere is a neat assortment of conduits, grills, panels and hatches. Everything a Klingon ship should be – sleek and aggressive yet rugged and utilitarian. A real mix of aesthetics.

The icing on the cake is the well thought out build. Joins are visible on the underside but are crowded out with the superb detailing. Most of the model is made from two pieces, a metal part consisting of bridge, neck and underside and a plastic piece of the wings. Nacelles, weapons, struts and a few other plastic pieces are neatly glued on. For me this model is in close contention with the Issue 2 Bird of Prey for the best Klingon ship. Coming up in a future issue is a another Bird of Prey in the wings down position so that should be interesting.

  • Detailing: 5/5 (outstanding in the collection)
  • Construction: 5/5 (well thought out)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (one of my favourite Klingon ships)
  • Overall: 5/5 (a pleasure to come across such a brilliant model)

8 thoughts on “Klingon D5-Class Battlecruiser

  1. This is one of my favorites of the collection. Sleek, cool and deadly. The detailing is superb and as you mention, it’s a shame other ships needing such detail don’t get or are blurbs.

  2. I have ordered this from the webshop today with the K-7. I have been wanting to order it along with 103 and 104 but they seem to have stock issues. I can’t wait to get it. I hope I get a good one.

    My trek display is also mainly Federation, Romulan and Klingon. I have also put one ship to represent the other main races.

  3. I’ve got two ‘besta’ cabinets from idea. They’re really deep so you could in theory put 4 rows of ships per shelf. I’ve kept it at 2 for now. Each unit has got 12 glass shelves but you can put as many or as few as you want in. You can get solid shelves which are cheaper but I went for glass to help light through to lower shelves. I’ve had to get the glass doors to keep kids away. It was an expensive setup but happy with it now.

    Ps enterprise-e special probably my favourite one yet.

  4. Yep, a very nicely-made model. The review pretty much said it all.

    This is probably the last model in the collection for me. I can’t justify the expenditure any longer, and sadly, the remaining ships are mostly fleeting glimpses and I expect the build quality to continue to drop (ships like this one make me wonder, though). I don’t have any space so none of my 102 models or special issues are on display; they’re all packed up in cardboard boxes. Most of them I’ve never gone back and re-examined after the initial viewing. So it’s time to call it a day. Not a bad run, from the original 70 to 102, however. I’ll miss getting new ships every month (I’m already missing not getting K7). But EM has so completely screwed up my orders I’ve gone months without getting any models at all. I’ve even cancelled the credit card I’ve been using to pay for them, and they don’t seem to notice. They’ve certainly not bothered to contact me to ask about it. So…

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. I wish many of the models had been better-made or decorated. I don’t know what I’ll do with them all; probably just keep them boxed and every now or then ‘re-discover’ them. Carry on lads. This website has been a large part of my enjoyment of the series. I’ll miss it as well.

    1. I am still going to get the Wolf359 ships, Kazon and the down wing BOP. Concept Ambassador Class will also be bought.

      The quality of the shops have dropped considerably the last 6 months maybe longer.

      EM is really annoying me. I got a faulty Aventine and a week later still not had a reply. They wanted me to return a faulty Titan too and if I did, they would have gone out of stock and had no Titan. Now they are £100 on ebay ! I just want them to send another Aventine. I am happy to return but want a good one first.

      The webshop never get new models now on release day and have to wait weeks before they can be ordered.

      Also no K7 for me either and ordered 14th August.

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