Altamid Swarm Ship

It’s been over a month since my last post, not because I’m lazy (though I am) but thanks to a very belated delivery of ships, two months worth at once in fact. I now have in my possession a Klingon D5 Class Battlecruiser, Vidiian Warship, USS Jenolan, Smuggler’s Vessel and an Altamid Swam Ship. The Swarm Ship is the second model to emerge from Star Trek Beyond following the delightful USS Franklin. An individual Swarm Ship is no match for an armed Federation ship of any class, but in a formation of thousands they easily overpowered the Enterprise. Without weapons they rammed through the Enterprise, removing its nacelles and destroying critical systems forcing the ship to crash-land on Altamid with all hands evacuated. A single Swarm ship is runabout sized, highly maneuverable and most importantly very expendable. The loss of one Swarm Ship is no big thing. The long pointed hull can penetrate the Enterprise’s hull and split open to allow the crew (up to three) to exit into the Federation ship.

On its stand on a shelf the Swarm Ship looks pretty neat. It is a dangerous looking ship with its multitude of spikes and it clearly alien in design. The problem is the model does not stand up well to close up inspection. The slightly organic nature of the ship and fairly bland colour scheme falls a bit flat in model form, looking rather plasticky. Of course it is made of plastic but often other models disguise it well with precise rugged looks. Instead the plastic components are a plain dark grey with some beige sections and a small amount of black. That really is it – no variations in hue or transparent parts – literally three colours, and all very uninteresting. A mottled more metallic looking finish would improve things considerably regardless of colour but the plainness really lets it down. For a model of this size I would expect more detail too. The top is fairly good, though again let down by insipid colours but the underside is an amorphous lump.

Most of the model is plastic, leaving only the underside of the main hull metal. I see why they have done this as whatever production process Eaglemoss uses they can get finer and better defined details out of plastic. Surprisingly the model is heavier than you’d expect. The metal underside must be quite thick. Joins are kept to a minimum and appear only on the underside so from the above the model looks like a single piece. Which it is as I believe there are only two pieces here – a huge plastic piece and the heavy metal underside.

For a special issue this is below par. It does look good on the shelf so I’m not totally disappointed, it’s the colour scheme and detail that lets itself down on.

  • Detailing: 2/5 (severe lack of)
  • Construction: 3/5 (pretty sturdy and hefty, but needs only two pieces)
  • Ship design: 4/5 (clearly a baddy ship!)
  • Overall: 3/5¬†(cool from a distance, boring close up)

2 thoughts on “Altamid Swarm Ship

  1. Absolutely. The worst “special” issue by far. It’s clear that EM has some sort of deal to provide ships from the Kelvin timeline as special issues only. This would have made a logical regular issue otherwise. I found it very disappointing, and the magazine, while detailed, seems to try very hard to put lipstick on a pig.

    I’ve also had severe problems lately with EM; my last regular issue was #97 back in May. I was in touch with them (again) just this morning, and hopefully things are sorted out. We’ll see. At any rate, I’m planning on cancelling after issue #102, as that will fill my current binder. I will comment on any and all models I get from this point on, but I’m no longer able to justify the cost and space required for a continuing string of poorly-produced boring ships that seemed to command smaller and smaller amounts of on-screen time as we progress.

  2. This is the worst special so far. I got it on impulse and wished I used the money for K7 now. It doesn’t help that my copy of it has lots of marks over the light brown bits on the top and bottom.

    It would make a good small issues but the JJ ships are specials only. This is due to hot wheels having the smaller scale contract.

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