Bajoran Freighter

The Bajorans are surprisingly well represented considering their ships are, well, crap. That is the point of course as the Bajorans are left with an outdated and decrepit fleet after the Cardassian occupation. The Antares class freighter is one of these outdated and under-powered ships, yet it is warp capable and seem to be well put to use.

This ship is simple in design – you can see it’s pretty much just an isosceles triangle with a spade like prow and raised platform at the rear. It almost falls into the often dissapointing category of two-piece models: those that are made of just an upper and lower piece. It is a little more than that though as the raised platform and small cylinders mounted on sides add a bit more detail. Also the hull is very well detailed, if sparsely painted. Panels, conduits, arrays, hatches and engine exhausts decorate the hull all over giving the ship an inelegant design. This is again intentional as the ship is supposed to be antiquated and makes no concession to comfort. I would like to see more colour in this model though. It is mostly a boring brown with a few greyish-blue panels. I like those panels and I wish the original design had more of them. As it is the ship is pretty much brown all over with no shading and just a few white windows and three red engine exhausts.I do like the chunky feel of this model. Pretty much half of it is metal and it is a one of the larger models so it really feels good to hold and certainly not fragile. Even the spade-like prow is metal so I feel it could double up as a chisel in a pinch. This is not a great model, but it’s not bad either. I have little to complain of with the reproduction though of course a bit of translucent plastic is always good so too bad there isn’t any. The ship itself is to blame – bland, basic and quite unsexy, but even so it has a little ungainly charm. Not quite enough to give it a four, but it’s a very high three out of five.

  • Detailing: 4/5 (not enough paintwork, but lots of components)
  • Construction: 3/5 (very sturdy but it is a simple ship to recreate)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (it’s a triangle – yet so are Star Destroyers)
  • Overall: 3/5¬†(inelegant yet interesting)


4 thoughts on “Bajoran Freighter

  1. Having read this review before getting my own model, I was set up to be seriously disappointed. However, I do find that I have a grudging admiration for this one. Like a tugboat or freighter, it was never meant to be sleek and pretty; but it is a good solid model that adequately captures the ship it’s meant to symbolize. An ‘ugly ole tug’, but stately in its own homely way.

    The magazine covers the various iterations of this ship pretty well, although some of the screen grabs are blurry at best. I would rather have heard more about how this ship was originally designed and then modified over the years. Instead, we get a frankly boring capitulation of the beginnings of DS9 that doesn’t add very much. It seems oddly out of place in this issue.

  2. I ended up getting the smuggler ship version instead of this. I don’t want all the different variations of it but would like the original Hunsock and the Jovis. It does look like they are making these different ones as they are onscreen which is excellent..

    The mags have gone down hill for a while. They are not interesting as they were. The Titan is the first mag I have read all the way through as it is just about designing the ship.

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