Type 15 Shuttlepod Re-issue

In my shuttlecraft second set review eagle-eyed commenter DradusContact spotted the Type 15 had an incorrect registry. To me surprise Eaglemoss delivered on a small Facebook message that they would send out replacements! Today I received a brand new Type 15 with the correct NCC-1701 registry on the front. You can see the original at the top of this page, and here’s the new one (sorry for the poor quality photo):

Well that’s nice of them, isn’t it? I’m hoping for a replacement Type 7 to correct the ‘Enteprise’ mistake next!


5 thoughts on “Type 15 Shuttlepod Re-issue

  1. Thanks for posting about this!

    As you mention the photo quality… what’s the matter with that? Do you have a layer of plastic in front of your lens, like a phone case or something of the like? What happened?

    1. Well I dropped my phone recently and bought a cheap mid-range Chinese replacement until I get a proper one (One Plus 5 I’m thinking). I think some fine dirt has got inside the lens, or it has tiny scratches.

  2. Ha I don’t remember correcting you bit it sounds like something a star trek fan would do. There are pretty much zero sites out there with any sort of discussion about the collection

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