Orion Scout Ship

Aside from the obvious categorization of ships based on race and political affiliation there are plenty of other smaller sub-categories in the collection. For example Federation ships that appeared in the Battle of Sector 001, wrecks from the Borg encounter at Wolf 359 and the Kelvin-verse ships that sometimes appear as specials. Another sub-category the collection has been plumbing recently are remastered TOS ships. So far we have seen the SS Botany Bay, the Antares, the Class-J, Gorn starship and Medusan vessel. Now to add to that set is the mysterious Orion Scout. These ships have been a real hit and miss affair which is no surprise as the make only short appearances in single episodes, however the Scout is a contender for star of the show.

The most distinctive feature is the amazing propulsion system – eight spokes ending in translucent yellow spheres, all surrounded by a vaguely Vulcan style band. On TV those spokes spin round inside the band which of course isn’t possible with the model. Regardless it’s a pretty wacky design that totally dominates the ship. The main hull itself is a blunt arrowhead attached to the propulsion by a curving strut and spindle, along with a pair of weapons on similar struts above and below the hull. The main hull and struts are metal so whilst it is a very small and ethemeral model is has a reasonable density to it. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s going to break though I suspect it isn’t as robust as the Suliban Cell Ship model. The stand provided is a good one though and is unlikely to slip out unlike many others in the collection.

It’s too bad the paint work is lacking, always the case for these TOS ships. There are no painted decals at all aside from the mottled silver/grey hull. Likewise there isn’t much other detail. There is a pattern repeated around the outside the ring but not on the inside and the main hull has a few embossed panels and sections but nothing exciting. If it wasn’t for the lacking paintwork I’d happily give this full five stars but it just misses out.

  • Detailing: 3/5 – Very basic and plain aside from the propulsion orbs
  • Construction: 5/5 – Really, really good. Ornate yet solid
  • Ship design: 5/5 – There is a nothing like this in the collection
  • Overall: 4/5 – Amazing propulsion design but plain elsewhere

4 thoughts on “Orion Scout Ship

  1. I can’t wait until it arrives. This is another one I ordered ahead of release here. It is as nice as anticipated. The only bug is, as you point out, is the size, it is tiny.

  2. Because Eaglemoss mistakenly believed my credit card had expired (a few months after I had updated the information), I’m still waiting for this and the next ship. I may get four ships and the Franklin special all at once.

  3. This is one of the worst ship imo in the collection. No way I was going to spend £11 on it.

    I like the look the next ship the Federation Training one so will be getting it with the Franklin once the webshop has it.

  4. Finally arrived today. I have to agree with the review, I like it more than I thought I would. But the lack of detail really lets the model down.

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