USS Titan Preview

For those of you who don’t follow Ben Robinson’s Twitter feed here’s a couple of pictures he took of the prototype USS Titan. You may recall a long time ago there was a petition to include this Star Trek Online ship in the collection. A target of 10,000 signatures was reached and Ben said they would look to do a run of the ship at some point. The pictures are great news as I had almost thought it wasn’t going to happen. Now I’m not that fussed about the STO ships but I do think the Titan is a great design so I’m happy to see it close to publication. I’m not sure but I imagine this will be a limited run and not part of the main collection.


8 thoughts on “USS Titan Preview

  1. The ship first appeared on the cover of the Star Trek: Titan novel ‘Sword of Damocles’. It was designed by Sean Tourangeau, who won the USS Titan design contest that was endorsed in the previous Star Trek: Titan novels.
    Though it didn’t appear in the Star Trek canon, the 2016 edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia used Sean Tourangeau’s design as reference. Apparently, Star Trek Online adopted the design.

  2. It’s a shame that this isn’t available at newsagents, as it means having to deal with Eaglemoss directly (who are an absolute nightmare).

  3. I agree with CUBE1701 on that, it’s difficult to deal with Eaglemoss directly. That’s why I get my ships from everywhere and at lower prices. But, sometimes, you have to touch the dragon’s nose to see the teeth.

  4. While I am unfamiliar with the ship, and Riker’s story post Nemesis, if that is the level of detailing that we will get, then I am all for getting one!

    Much like the NX Refit, the issue of it whether or not it is canon doesn’t phase me.

  5. I live in the Netherlands, ships aren’t available at the news agents here, I order them at Eaglemoss and up until now they deliver everything and at a reasonable price (the on line price in Euro’s) I like this one very much.


  7. Have you got your USS Titan yet? I got mine today and have to admit Its very nice. I would give it 7 out of 10. If there had of been more transparent plastic on the nacelles they would have looked better. The dish could have been done better and the joint at the bottom of the secondary hull is quite noticeable.Otherwise it feels quite heavy and most of it is made from metal. There is some lovely detailing on it.

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