ECS Horizon

It’s been a while since we saw the ECS Fortunate, in fact almost half the collection ago. This issue gives us another ECS cargo ship, the Horizon, which Ensign Mayweather of the NX-01 grew up on. The Horizon is roughly similar in layout to the Fortunate, but the design differs considerably in various ways. Both are low-warp cargo ships, owned and crewed by families, taking months, sometimes years to move between systems. The general idea is the engines, crew quarters and most of the ships systems in housed in a ‘tug’ at the fore of the ship to which is attached two rows of large cargo containers. The warp nacelles are small in comparison to the ship and manage only warp 1.5 when hauling.


The Horizon is not a patch on the Fortunate though. It is a far simpler design lacking in interesting features. It is long but this causes a problem with the model itself as all the models need to fit inside the same sized packaging (some do use different packaging, but for height not length). So even utilizing the full length of the box it means the model is very thin and understated. This has meant features that are normally well represented such as warp nacelles are especially tiny and therefore lacking in fine detail. At least it does have translucent red ram-scoops though. The ‘tug’ section of the ship is the most detailed even having ‘ECS HORIZON’ printed in the tiniest text I’ve seen so far, so well done for that. However the bland colour scheme and uninteresting design leaves much to be desired here. Construction is acceptable as it is mostly metal but the finer plastic pieces such as the tug and antennae assemblies are rather bendy.

The model is not particularly great but I feel this is due to the unusual dimensions of the ship. Eaglemoss have done the best they can here with a rather unimaginative cargo ship. If you want a decent non-Federation human ship then make a bee-line for the ECS Fortunate. This just does not compare.

  • Detailing: 2/5 (bland but tiny red bussard ramscoops)
  • Construction: 3/5 (a very simple design adequately assembled)
  • Ship design: 2/5 (boring)
  • Overall: 2/5 (quite forgettable)

2 thoughts on “ECS Horizon

  1. Totally agree with you on this one. It in a word, “stinks” and it’s a shame if that if you are going to do a boring ship, at least make it interesting and worth what we pay for. Another snoozer.

  2. Yep; couldn’t agree more. I’ll finish my current binder at issue 104; I don’t think I’ll continue, as the remaining models I’ve seen look like scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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