Romulan Scout Ship

The Romulans get all the cool ships. The Valdore, Drone and Shuttle are just three great examples, and barely a dud in the collection. Maybe the Enterprise Bird of Prey, that was poor. The Scout Ship is another great addition following much of the expected Romulan style – green, sweeping wings and pointed bridge. The wings on the Scout are surprisingly chunky and not particularly elegant but don’t look out of place. They do make the model feel more solid, though the model is predominantly plastic as only the top of the wings are metal. The nacelles at the end of each wing are simply decorated but each use two pieces of translucent green plastic. I always appreciate this though the grills on the side appear to show off some of the internal structure of the model which spoils the effect somewhat.


For me the best part of the model is the cockpit section which is attached to the main hull by a short neck. The pointed leading edge of the cockpit is graceful and well produced with a decent level of detail even on the underneath. This is really nicely done, the join between the two parts it consists is barely noticeable. Overall it is a fairly plain ship with a limited palette used simply. Instead the ship is decorated all over with lines cut into the hull, with the radial effect on the leading prow matching that on the top and bottom of the wings. Another feature I like are the recessed exposed machinery sections, they add a little something that without would make the model appear rather bland.


I’m fairly impressed with this model. Whilst it is not amazing it is well made, a good design and I’m happy to see a more mainstream ship in the collection after a spate of very obscure ships.

  • Detailing: 4/5 – Not much detail, but no blank spaces
  • Construction: 4/5 – Very good apart from the nacelle grills displaying internal construction
  • Ship design: 4/5 – Classic Romulan with chunky wings
  • Overall: 4/5 – A solid score, not excellent but very satisfying

The magazine contains the usual three page history and factoids about the ship, a schematic and a short designing article. The rest of the magazine is a long read on Ronald D. Moore, a TNG Writer. This is actually a interesting read.


5 thoughts on “Romulan Scout Ship

  1. Yeah, it’s alright, and of course, obviously Romulan. When I first saw it, I did wonder how it would work in an atmosphere with ‘wings’ that are so blunt on the leading edge, but perhaps it just uses engine power to punch its way through the air. That would be my only minor criticism. And that’s not a ‘fault’ of the model; more of a design quirk in the original.

  2. What’s wrong with the ENT Romulan BOP? It has a sleek design that combines TOS and newer designs really well, and is my favorite Romulan ship. I wish the TNG scout could have been just as sleek as the other Romulan designs!

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