Shuttlecraft Set 2: Part 2

Continuing from last week’s article on the 2nd Shuttlecraft set let’s take a look at the other two ships in the collection, the type 7 and 15.

Type 7

The type 7 is similar in ability and function as the type 6, which appeared in the first collection, but with its own distinctive design. This is one of the larger shuttlecraft at over eight metres, though still considerably smaller than the Danube-class runabouts. It has a low speed warp drive, impulse and its own transporter which makes it a very versatile ship. The main hull is a curved dumpy shape with a stubby prow and a wide rounded end. It has an unusual window layout, one continuous pane that wraps around both sides with the front obscured by a large panel with its designation number. This seems like a bad place to not have windows, but then perhaps the seating positions mean it doesn’t get in the way.


I like the nacelles as they are essentially miniature versions of the Enterprise D’s. These are reproduced really well in the model with wrap around transparent blue grills and curved transparent red bussard collectors. Paintwork and detailing is fairly simple though the swooshes and registration detailed are abundant and well made with one exception. On the back door it reads ‘USS Enteprise’ – can you spot the missing letter? It seems Eaglemoss quality control did not, though they have subsequently discovered it and are planning on sending out replacements. This is good customer service so as long as they deliver, so to speak, I have no complaints.


Unfortunately some parts of the model are just too plain. Apart from the a Starfleet pennant and swoosh the top of the shuttle is plain white and the underside is uniformly grey and un-detailed. It is still a very decent model, in fact it approaches the size of some of the regular models as it is so wide. I don’t care much for the design and it is a little simple in places but it is well made, mostly metal and the nacelles are excellent. A very high four out of five.


Type 15

This is the Enterprise D’s tiny shuttle, the smallest ship in the collection so far I believe. I looked it up and it is smaller than most modern hatchbacks (in Europe anyway), and like a car it can seat four, or five at a push. Also like a car it has no warp drive or transporters. At first glance it looks like it is warp capable but the two under-slung pods that look like warp nacelles are actually impulse engines. So no red bussard scoops or blue grills, so that’s a shame. What it does have that other shuttles appear to omit though is a tiny deflector underneath the cabin which is a nice detail.


Much like most of the other shuttles in both collections the top half of the model is metal whilst the underside and nacelles are plastic. It is well built if lacking in use of interesting materials. I quite like the design of this little ship, a simpler version of the first collection’s Type 6. The model is small and cute and well detailed with all the requisite pennants, swooshes and registration marks. Once again though the underside is blank. Another decent though ultimately not amazing shuttlecraft model, this scores four out of five.


Both models have their matching okudagrams and miniature magazines. Not much to report on either, though I would add that I currently have my shuttlecraft collections on a windowsill as the light really shows off the neat okudagrams.


6 thoughts on “Shuttlecraft Set 2: Part 2

  1. The letter I got with mine said the Type 15 is the one with the typo (1071). I don’t think they are going to fix the enterprise mistake.

  2. Eaglemoss have not confirmed the Enteprise mistake so atm, only the type 15 is being replaced in May, I have a feeling a second run of the set will have both corrected but not for current customers.

  3. I think the models look great, but I won’t order them yet. I will wait till this mistakes are corrected. I think it’s a bit lame to sell tiny models at such a price and not being accurate in the details.

  4. I must confess I hadn’t noticed the error, but after seeing this article I contacted customer services. In the UK (may end up different elsewhere) the choices on offer are: 1) Send the whole set back for a complete refund or 2) Refund of 25% for the 1 (out of 4) faulty model. I chose the 25% refund. Not a good option nor the best way to keep customers. What I really want is a corrected model.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath hoping a second production run fixes this.

    1. I would have gone with the 25% too. I know someone who sent back the set because he did not get the magazines. All the models were fine quality wise except for the known errors. He got another set with the mags and got two faulty shuttles so that set has gone back too. If it was me, I would have not sent the first set back and just forget about the magazines. They are rubbish anyway.

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