11 Inch Enterprise NCC-1701

I’ve now got several NCC-1701 variants on my shelves – the original Issue 50, the Mirror Universe special, the Yorktown (which I’ll review in the near future) and now the over-sized and over-priced 11 inch edition. It is a real sight to behold, a showcase if you will of what Eaglemoss can do if you pay them enough. I’ve done exactly that so you don’t have to!



Joking aside this is a very, very good model. It is essentially a scaled up version of the standard sized Issue 50 with a similar construction. Its larger size means more detail is possible. The deflector for example is much more impressive and looks satisfying retro with its protruding dish and antennae. The Bussard ramscoops are made of large translucent plastic hemispheres and really look the part. Other nice features are the grills on the insides of the nacelles and the better defined shuttlebay door at the back of the ship. The deflector is very fragile but fortunately the model is well packaged in polystyrene.


Of course this is an Original Series Enterprise so it is very simple in design and means there is nowhere to hide when it comes to construction. This does mean most of the joins are plain to see but, like with the smaller model, all the joins are on the underside so this its not a big deal. One major difference is the use of materials – far less plastic and much more metal. Most of the saucer is metal, so is the engineering hull and the nacelle struts. The only main plastic parts are the underside of the saucer and the nacelles. This is good as it makes the model very sturdy and surprisingly heavy. It’s a really satisfying weight, well balanced too.


In terms of build and reproduction it is hard to fault with its great detail and attention to detail. However it is very expensive: £50 in the UK. This is five times the price of a regular model. Whilst it is much more impressive model it is hardly *five* times better so think carefully if you want to splash out. For completionists and Enterprise fans though I’d say it is worth the money – it will look good on your shelf. The sheer size of it is impressive in itself along with the good news that is it predominantly metal.


  • Detailing: 5/5 – Excellent
  • Construction: 5/5 – Mostly metal, very heavy
  • Ship design: 5/5 – Classic original Enterprise
  • Overall: 4/5 – Looks amazing, but it is eye-wateringly expensive


The accompanying magazine does away with the schematics and design history and concentrates instead on the earliest days of the Original Series. The first item is a long article on the pilot episode. This is followed by a short section on casting then another ‘feature length’ article on the second pilot. All told this is a fascinating read and well researched magazine.



5 thoughts on “11 Inch Enterprise NCC-1701

  1. The model looks really good and has plenty of detail; the joins, as you say, do not detract at all. But I do see obvious ‘window creep’ in the photo of the bottom of the saucer, which I think is a detraction in something at this price point. As nice as it is overall, it (and the second shuttlecraft set) are just too much money. Maybe at the end of the line when the series is complete it might make a nice way to finish up, but not while I’m still shelling out for semi-obscure hit and miss ships monthly.

    I’ve also heard that there might be other oversize models coming, such as the Enterprise-D. If so, this could get to be an expensive sideline. I’d be a lot more inclined to purchase one or more of these at £25, but not £50.

  2. I have seen pics of the Enterprise D and E jumbo size. They both look more impressive than the TOS one However they all suffer from the misaligned windows which is not good at this price point.

    The D is a better colour to issue 1 and have some different paint detail. The E also has some increased detail but otherwise colour matches the small issue 21.

  3. These ships are close to the size of several Round2 kit models (1/1000 and 1/2500 scale). When you consider the cost of the paints and clear coats as well as the effort needed to produce good results, on top of the kit price, the $75 USD price doesn’t seem as bad!

    1. Despite the seams and window alignment issues, I decided to order one. I hope it won’t have any major issues. Some people on the STSS facebook sites had to send theirs back for replacement.

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