A return to Enterprise for this issue with the Vahklas, a medium sized Vulcan transport ship. Its main appearance was a mildly uninteresting encounter in Season One with a crew of Vulcan outcasts. It was an entirely forgettable episode and, unfortunately, this is an entirely forgettable ship. I’ve not been a fan of the Vulcan ships, which look good on the screen, but do not appear to translate well as models. Saying that I am hoping that the T’Plana Hath makes an appearance at some point in the collection.


Much like many of the other Vulcan ships the Vahklas is painted a baked-bean orangey red but with a noticeable weathering. This makes sense as the Vahlkas is supposed to be an unusually worn and poorly maintained Vulcan ship. On my model the weathering, which is achieved with a wash of darker red, is not applied all over but in patches. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but its quite a nice effect. The problem is there is little other paintwork, just a few white hatches, blue at the rear edge of the fins and a small pearlescent deflector tucked away underneath. That’s pretty much it and unfortunately it makes the model rather drab. It seems like a trick was missed with impulse engine grills, these surely should be red, but no they are the same orangey red all over.


I’m not too keen on the overall design. The main hull is clunky and lacking grace, saved only by the reasonably nice curved fins that give the ship a pleasing aspect seen from the sides and rear. This is no warship though so it’s graceless nature can be forgiven, but there are other ‘ugly’ ships that surpass the Vahklas. See the Baxial. Another small letdown is the construction. The rear of the ship has a very prominent join with odd spaces that look out of place. Likewise the  fins aren’t quite flush with the main hull in places. It does have some redeeming features though. The curved fins are quite cool and overall it is reasonably detailed if lacking in paintwork. The almost unnoticed deflector has had some thought put into it and the weathering effect comes off well. It’s enough to keep it out of two out of five territory, but only just.


  • Detailing: 3/5 – Saved only by the weathering paintwork
  • Construction: 2/5 – Definately could do better
  • Ship design: 3/5 – Lumpy ship with cool curved fins
  • Overall: 3/5 – A weak Vulcan ship but by no means terrible

UPDATE: Corrected score from 4/5 to 3/5. That’ll remind me not to rely on copy and paste.


4 thoughts on “Vahklas

  1. I agree: Totally forgettable. Looks like either a grenade or a futuristic taser. I worry we might be seeing more and more of these as we hit a hundred models.

    1. I know what you’re saying. While I don’t mind the Wolf 359 kitbashes, the growing list of concept art models isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The only ship i’m really looking forward to in the lineup is the shuttle/Vulcan warp sled (I’m really hoping they’re two different elements).

  2. Still waiting for my one. I have seen Enterprise a lot so I know the ship well. They shouldn’t have missed the impulse off the back.

    We have already had a few forgettable ships already.

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