Gorn Starship

Everyone has seen the classic fight between Kirk and the heavy set lizard – the torpid Gorn captain. However not so many have seen the whole episode, and even less have seen the remastered version, myself included. This means the Gorn starship has likely been seen by very few as it only appeared in the remastered episode, about a decade ago. It is a a pretty quirky ship with a great retro-design and quite distinct from other ships in the collection. It’ll be the first non-Federation ship to have four nacelles (those are the Stargazer and Prometheus), and the first to have purple ramscoops.


The model is quite dinky as it is quite thin and wide, whilst still having to fit inside the standard box most of the collection models appear in (there has been two or three exceptions to this in the past). This means the model is very light and appears fragile, though it in fact it is sturdy and not as susceptible to damage as you’d think. The wide wings are metal with an additional plastic section on top to cap off the central hull section and twin nacelles at the end of each wing. Trailing behind is a long spiky tail, though I think the design would look better without that. The twin nacelles are really great if a bit plain. They use lilac coloured transparent domes for the ramscoops, with the top nacelle’s partially cowled, for defensive purposes I imagine. The rear ends of the bottom nacelles are painted red to match the tail end. The only other paintwork is on the underside where you can see four long purple grills but the hull has been treated to a discreet mottled wash. This is very similar to the Class J’s finish which is so much better than having just a single colour.


Eaglemoss haven’t turned out many classics in recent issues however they have ben maintaining build quality. The Gorn ship has almost no obvious joins aside from the underside of the wings and everything is nicely lined up and straight. It is always hard to be blown away by models based on the Original Series, even the remastered ones, but this is a decent enough model, quirky enough to get my attention.


  • Detailing: 4/5 – Simple but nice plastic ramscoops
  • Construction: 4/5 – Very good everywhere except the underside of the wings
  • Ship design: 4/5 – Retro and weird, but I don’t care for the tail
  • Overall: 4/5 – An interesting and original little ship

The magazine has a really interesting six page article on the remastered episodes. In this there are many shots of cool special affects, most of which I’ve not seen myself. Read it for this.


5 thoughts on “Gorn Starship

  1. Oddly, the remastered TOS episodes were in daily rotation here in the UK recently, and I saw the Gorn episode before this model arrived. I don’t remember seeing the ship, except for some very distant shots of it. So it may be (as has been mentioned with ships from the original TOS) that it didn’t merit enough screentime to go into great detail.

    The model is okay; it’s a kind of ‘coppery’ metal flake finish which looks like it could have been constructed by a race of lizards. This might also explain the lack of any surface ornamentation (considering how a spacefaring race like the Gorn dress). It is ridiculously small, like the Excelsior. This unfortunately makes the model very toy-like overall. It would have been much better at twice the size.

  2. There are some very subtle silver panels here and there—nice, but truly so subtle I didn’t see them right away. I think EM did the best they could with this model, especially with the paint texture. The original design could have been better—it feels not quite balanced with the larger, heavier nacelles back and above the smaller ones. I think it actually looks better upside-down.

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