Federation Holoship

This is a unusual ship. Not, for once, because of its design but because of what its used for – a giant holodeck. In fact the design is supremely unquirky as it is little more than a chamfered brick. One thing that should be pointed out straightaway is that the model is entirely plastic, not a single piece of metal, die-cast or otherwise. Generally the plastic components have better defined details so this works in the models favour somewhat, but it also means it feels lacking in quality. On picking up the model it feels ever so light and plasticky, as though it has come from a Happy Meal. If part of the model was metal this feeling could have been avoided and in fact could have made from a decently hefty ship as the model is actually quite chunky. That not being the case though I’ve found this to be one of poorest quality Federation ships in the collection. Fortunately as the model consists of only two pieces joins are kept to a minimum and aren’t too obvious.


The detailing is quite good as there are plenty of interesting features decorating the top and bottom of the hull but with only a small amount of colour and no aztecing it is a tad bland. Some paneling has darker shading which saves it a little, but not by much. Considering how cheap this model must have been to manufacture I would have appreciated some transparent components, possibly for the warp grills (which are embedded in the sides of the hull), red ramscoops or even the yellow impulse exhausts. Alas, nothing. A particularly jarring feature is the front of the ship which has an undecorated recess beneath the bridge area. It is very large and looks very lazy. I suspect this is accurate to the design, but nevertheless it looks terrible.


I know I’ve torn into this ship and admittedly it was never one that was close to my heart in the first place. I feel disappointed as there is potential to add a bit of zazzle and workmanship to the Holoship, but in the end the execution was merely adequate.


  • Detailing: 3/5 – Adequate but more could have been done
  • Construction: 2/5 – The two pieces are stuck together well, but it’s all plastic!
  • Ship design: 3/5 – A cubist bar of soap
  • Overall: 2/5 – A large model let down by lack of metal and transparent plastics

5 thoughts on “Federation Holoship

  1. Agreed. It’s good to have for the sake of completion, but not a model I don’t think anyone would willingly choose to have otherwise. When I first lifted mine out of the box, I thought, “Oh, he’ll rip into this one; it’s all plastic!”.

    Besides being manufactured on the cheap by EM, I suppose you could say that the design was meant to be boring and utilitarian; if we were to compare Starfleet to an airline, this would be the catering truck that brings passenger meals out to the jumbo jets. They can’t all be a Defiant or an Enterprise.

  2. Disappointing. This is one that I expected to be mostly metal, if nothing else to make it a more appealing purchase for a “boring” ship.

  3. I have no problem with this one being plastic. Metal would not allow it as much detail but they could have done a metal bottom to it. It is still one I have skipped (and my first one).

    What they should have done is guve it a dirty wash to really bring out the detail more. I also have a issue that it is backwards on the stand. I know there was a issue of it being made backwards to the Eaves concept drawing but it just looks odd with the red impulse on the front and not the back. Atr least the Federation Fighter had red bussards and impulse. It would have been easier to just makes both ends of the Holoship red too.

    I have also skipped the Gorn so far.

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