Shuttlecraft 2nd Collection

I should have time in the next couple of days to post my long overdue review of the Bajoran Assault Vessel, but first a brief interlude. Here are a couple of pictures via Ben Robinson’s Twitter feed showing three of the four models in the forthcoming instalment of shuttlecrafts. In the first picture you can see the Shuttlepod used by the NX-01. The wings look cool.


The next picture shows the type 7 and type 15 shuttlecrafts, a dumpy and ungainly pair but still pretty neat. We don’t yet have a photo of the executive shuttle which completes the set, but hopefully we will do soon. I’m looking forward to this next instalment as the previous was excellent, especially with the cute little ‘Okudagrams’.



One thought on “Shuttlecraft 2nd Collection

  1. The Type 7 looks like a massager. The NX Pod does look pretty nifty, considering it never made much of an impression on me in the show.

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