Xindi-Reptilian Warship

The Xindi ships always signal a departure from classical Star Trek design whenever they make an appearance in the collection (Check out my reviews of the Xindi-Insectoid and Xindi-Aquatic ships to see what the other Xindi ships are like). The Xindi-Reptilian ship is no exception and strikingly different from anything else we’ve seen so far. I wonder if we’ll see an appearance from the Primates and Arboreals to round off the set.


The Reptilian starship is fast, agile and powerful with a shallow profile and highly modular design. This means the model is rather small and light and made of several quite complex parts. Most of it is actually metal with only the top and bottom pieces and the long ‘stabilizers’ made of plastic so it is a reasonable weight considering its small size. It is just as well the packaging is pretty good as this is a fragile model, though I expect some people may have received damaged ships. Fortunately mine was in one piece, though I have to be careful handling it in case I snap one of the stabilizers. From afar they look cool, but close up you can see the stabilizers are undecorated and simply shaped as though they came out of a broken 3D printer. The rest of the ship is a bit better though, painted in various shades of green with black and purple highlights.


I’m not that keen on this model really. It looks perfectly fine sitting on the shelf and the long stabilizers are unique but close up the model reminds me of the disappointment I had with the Bream ship – the complex nature of both ships are hard to fully capture in such a small scale and end up lacking somewhat.

  • Detailing: 3/5 – Very plain in parts, reasonable detail and paintwork in some places
  • Construction: 4/5 – Lots of complicated pieces well put together
  • Ship design: 4/5 – Another unique design
  • Overall: 3/5 – Interesting construction but lacking in detail

3 thoughts on “Xindi-Reptilian Warship

  1. Like the Breen ship, it almost looks like a brooch instead of a spaceship.

    If you’re disappointed with this model, wait until you see the Federation Holoship, which arrived today… I feel there are going to be only a handful of worthwhile ships left to collect; the question is, do you stick with it after going this far, or do you unsubscribe and just pick up the few remaining decent models when they are released?

  2. You talk about “various shades of green”, yet all images I have ever seen of the ship, including yours, look ochre (=dark yellow) to me. And I have been tested on color blindness, which I definitely do not suffer from.

    Thanks though, for your detailed reviews; I’m glad you keep ’em coming!

  3. I’m actually worry less about snapping off the stabilizers of this one than on some other spindly designs; there’s a fair amount of flex and give to them. I still won’t let my 2-year-old hold it, but I’m not afraid to hold it myself.

    Unfortunately, this ship is one of the few (I’m looking at you, Galor) that strikes me as being COMPLETELY the wrong color. It’s a dull yellow leaning towards green while the screenshots are more brown and sandy leaning towards orange. It’s also missing purple on the fins and the reptilian texture on much of the body that would have really made this special. Look at how much impact the Class-J’s texture adds to that bland ship. It’s sadly absent here. Guess it’s a good thing I have some paints of my own.

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