Federation Mission Scout Ship

Well its been some time since I last posted a review and I now have several models demanding my attention. We’re now onto issue 80, a full ten issues over the original run and many more still to come. In recent issues we’ve seen a lot of smaller craft and here’s another – the Federation Mission Scout Ship (yes, it’s a bit wordy). Is it a runabout? Yes, pretty much but taken to the next level, slightly faster, slightly more manoeuvrable and slightly more powerful. The nacelles are integrated into the Scout’s ‘wings’, much like the Defiant’s and the overall appearance is that of a sleek, streamlined yet powerful looking vessel.


I think the design is excellent and demonstrates the gradual moving away of blockier, awkward Starfleet ships into more (possibly unnecessarily) aerodynamic vessels. There is many great things to be said about Federation design at either end of the timeline though. However I feel a little let down by the model’s reproduction. I can’t really say it hasn’t been well made but it just lacks the bleeding-edge Starfleet vibe when I hold it in my hands. So let’s look at what is good here and try to understand what I think it’s lacking.


Build quality is pretty good with few joins and a reasonable weight to what is a fairly chunky model. The sweeping cowls at the leading edge of each wing house a ramscoop, reproduced with red translucent plastic so that’s a big tick. At the rear no such luck, but there is some painted turquoise and red paint used for the impulse engines. So the two things I find lacking here is range of colour and detail. There is no aztecing but a uniform metallic silver all over and no shading either. It is too samey and makes the model appear a bit too toy-like for my liking. There should have been some attempt at the admittedly subtle patina you can see on the CGI images. This detracts massively from the reasonable detailing on the top of the ship which shows various cool features like the top hatch, rear doors and panelling. As they are all the same colour the effect is muted.


There we have it. A cool little ship that actually appears a bit bland in model form. It’s hardly a disaster, I’m just a little disappointed.

  • Detailing: 3/5 – Let down by simplistic paint work
  • Construction: 4/5 – Well made, could do with a little more transparent plastic
  • Ship design: 4/5 – A very fast runabout
  • Overall: 3/5 – Cool design let down by bland paint work


The magazine has a special article on Insurrection’s production diary. This is a very good read and is accompanied by some interesting pictures. This means the usual ship design article is only a two-pager, but that’s ok as I enjoyed reminiscing about Insurrection.



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