The Collection Expands

Do you remember when the collection was going to finish at issue 70? Well now we’re past issue 80 and the collection is being extended again – now by ten to 130! I’ve got no complaints as it’s been great fun receiving my models each month so I’m happy to know there will be another five months of collecting.

We now also know what issues ninety one to ninety five are:

  • Issue 91: USS Saratoga (TNG)
  • Issue 92: Medusan Vessel (TOS remastered)
  • Issue 93: Suliban Cell Ship (ENT)
  • Issue 94: ECS Horizon (ENT)
  • Issue 95: USS Kyushu (TNG)

The forthcoming Specials are:

  • Jellyfish (Star Trek 2009)
  • USS Franklin (Star Trek Beyond)
  • Swarm Ship (Star Trek Beyond)
  • Kobayashi Maru Klingon Warbird (Star Trek 2009)
  • Deep Space Station K-7 (TOS)

The K-7 has been on the cards for a long time and often requested by fans so I’m pleased it will finally be produced – though not for a long time.


In other news another Shuttlecraft set it being planned. I’m particularly looking forward to this as the first set as fantastic. The second set will contain:

  • Enterprise Shuttlepod (ENT)
  • Type 15 Shuttlepod (TNG)
  • Type 7 Shuttlecraft (TNG)
  • Executive Shuttlecraft (Undiscovered Country)




3 thoughts on “The Collection Expands

  1. More info, with pics of the ships (images from the various shows, not the actual models) here:

    The Jellyfish, USS Franklin and of course, K-7 should all be great. I’m also keen on the second shuttlecraft set and the Kyushu looks like it might turn out to be a great addition, hopefully as good as the Enterprise-C or other Wolf 359 ships (almost all of which have been interesting, detailed models).

    There are also other non-canon ships coming, but they appear to be opt-in purchases, like the alternate Universe Enterprises. I hope so; I know some people are panting for the Titan, etc., but I’m not one of them.

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