Issue 85 to 90 News

Today has posted an update on the six latest models. There are ships here we’ve been expecting for a while plus a wildcard.

  • 85: Federation Holoship, from Insurrection. Discussed occasionally on Twitter and Facebook so not a big surprise
  • 86: Gorn Ship, from TOS, remastered. Again, we knew this was due.
  • 87: UTS Aeon, from Voyager. Check out the link above as CGI for this looks pretty good.
  • 88: The Vakhlas, a Vulcan transport from Enterprise. Not one I was aware of being discussed and I barely recall it from the episode.
  • 89: Enterprise J, also from Enterprise. Very much looking forward to this one.
  • 90: Romulan Scout, from TNG. I hope it is as polished at the shuttle.

11 thoughts on “Issue 85 to 90 News

  1. Do you know what issue #84 will be?  I can’t seem to find that anywhere.Regards, Bob TurnerSmall Business Social Media & Online Marketing ConsultantSocial Flairwww.SocialFlairMarketing.com513-237-5530       Listen to our podcast, Online Marketing Guys, for tips and discussion about online marketing.  “The future of business is social.” –Barry Libert 

  2. 84 is NX Alpha.

    I don’t do twitter and not aware of the holoship and Gorn being a confirmed or possible issue until now from Facebook. Apart from the Enterprise J and the possibility of the Romulan Scout, I wasn’t expecting any of the other ships. That Holoship is a horrible ship, not to make of the Gorn one or the Vulcan. Looking forward to the Aeon.

  3. Anyone got any information on when the Star Trek Beyond ships will be released? I.e. the new version of NCC1701, USS Franklin, and (spoiler) NCC1701A

  4. A bit disappointed they tend to be going after less know shops while the spacedock and k7 still are missing for non canon ships

    1. I think the love for the collection has gone. Eagelmoss seem to be concentrating on new collections now. I still want the Borg Cube from First Contact or Best of Both Words. Not that cheap nasty subscriber gift. A cube done as a special would be brilliant and break up the JJ specials Same for the Scimitar. I think that is happening but Ben doesn’t know how to do it yet and will likely be a regular issue.

  5. I think EM has a deal with Paramount that the only way they get access to the ‘Kelvin timeline’ ships is by doing them as specials. I doubt we’ll see many more ‘Prime universe’ ships as specials, if any. Since the collection may eventually be double the original size (nearly 150 models), they’re starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for new ships, hoping to hang on until the new series debuts (will anyone actually want a model of the new Discovery?).

    Years ago my wife was signed up for recipe cards every month. For years she would get a few at a time. Towards the end, the company wrote and said, “Would you like to get all the remaining cards in one last shipment for xxx amount?”. I think they just got fed up with it. I could see EM doing something similar a year from now.

    Besides, my worry is that twenty years from now, it will be the higher numbered models that are the most valuable. The Enterprise D (model #1) will be almost worthless on eBay, whereas model #137 might be the one everyone needs to complete their collection. Typical.

    1. I think they are already fed up with the collection. I am having thoughts about stopping getting every issue again. (I did in the early 70’s). There is only 6 of the current 11 known issues I really want. The update was called a big update a couple months ago but I don’t think just 6 new ships is a big update.

      Even at the SDCC, they didn’t bother showing any new ships but instead old ones and then rather show of their new collections like Alien and Predator. They already have at least another 2 collections coming out soon. They are downing themselves in collections and no wonder quality (imo) has been abysmal lately. There new Marvel figurines are rubbish quality.

  6. I think the selection may be weak, but I don’t see any decline in quality. The Romulan shuttle that was last reviewed is as good as any ship in the entire series. In fact, quality may actually be better, since many of the early ships had atrocious misspellings on them.

    And face it, nobody’s going to sign up for the collection at a show if all they see are things like Neelix’s or Harry Mudd’s ships. Show a few Enterprises or DS9 to get the punters in.

    1. Quality over their whole collections have been rubbish. My Nick Fury figurine has a finger that is twice as big as it should be, been broken off then glued back on badly before painting. My Hullk’s green paint came off onto my fingers as well as several fingerpints over it. Their Daleks from the Doctor Who collection looks like blind person paints them. More collections will affect quality even more.

      Even my Aeroshuttle has small bit of glue splashed across the bottom but it is thin enough to see through it. I still have about two thirds of my collection with problems with quality (lots of paint chips and scratches). I could have easily given up a long time ago but these ships are the only way I am going to get them.

  7. I am very happy with it overall, despite a few shipping hiccups. I think they have realised there is a core audience (aka me) who will literally buy anything they release in the collection. I have ordered every dedication plaque and even all three of the alternate binders.

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