NCC-1701-E Captain’s Yacht

Several Starfleet ships have their own yachts integrated into the ship’s hull, separate from their shuttlecraft compliment. Both the Enterprise D and E have one as does Voyager and the Equinox (the Waverider). With the exception of the Enterprise E’s yacht, Cousteau, none of them have made an appearance on screen, only as an outline on the underside of each ship. In only a few issues time we’ll see Voyager’s Aeroshuttle make an appearance in the collection, but I haven’t heard any confirmation of the Enterprise D’s ellipsoid Calypso inclusion, and scant reference to the Waverider.

The Cousteau doesn’t survive for long, being destroyed on its first outing in Insurrection so maybe it’s just as well the Calypso stayed put. That’s too bad as this is a pretty cool little ship, powerful, fast and well equipped, much like Voyager’s Delta Flyer. Fortunately for the Enterprise E it also has some very dependable shuttlecraft such as its Argo class ship which appears in Nemesis.


The yacht has a very low profile and does look somewhat like a an actual seafaring pleasure yacht of this day and age. It has a wide curving prow as though it could cut through water and an upper bridge like section though the actual cockpit as at the front of the ship. Underneath is it gently rounded and of course on either side the classic nacelles we would expect. This model has gone to town on translucent plastic components as the Bussard scoops are red, the nacelle grills use two pieces of blue for each nacelle and the same coloured material is used on the main hull for the impulse engines. I’m glad as elsewise this will be a rather colourless model. There is plenty of detail here but not much need for colour. There are miniature Starfleet pennants and ‘NCC-1701-E Enterprise’ on each side but most of the rest of the decals are various shades of grey. There is plenty of them though and of very high quality. This is because the top half is plastic which for some reason always has crisper lines and edges then the die-cast metal in Eaglemoss models.


For a change the join between the top and bottom halves of the hull are on top and surprisingly this really works well, using a natural break in the design to disguise. This leaves the underside perfectly free of joins. I mentioned the top half was plastic, but this doesn’t mean the ship is light as the bottom piece is much larger and gives the thin little ship a decent weight. The design lends itself well to being reproduced at such a small scale and Eaglemoss have not disappointed.


I’m feeling buoyed up by the last couple of ships in the collection. After a run of some rather lacklustre models the collection is back on form. I hope the Baxial and Romulan shuttle don’t disappoint us this month.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Up to scratch for a TNG era Starfleet vessel
  • Construction: 5/5 – Well thought out and good use of materials
  • Ship design: 5/5 – Classy design
  • Overall: 5/5 – Great nacelles!

What does the magazine have to offer?

  • Star Trek: Insurrection: Designing Starships
    Some great sketches of the yacht undocking from the Enterprise and some lovely concept drawings
  • Star Trek: Insurrection: Concept Art
    More fascinating sketches on character and weapon designs



4 thoughts on “NCC-1701-E Captain’s Yacht

  1. I agree; the model is well-executed in every department. My only real beef is that I’m just not that excited about the design, nor the whole idea of “Captain’s yachts”. The model, while as mentioned, does resemble a modern-day pleasure craft, it also hearkens back to the streamlining of “rocket ships” in sci-fi before Star Trek came along. The Cousteau might have been the design for the Enterprise itself had the show come along in the 1950’s instead of the 1960’s (obviously larger, of course).

    And while Voyager may have originally been designed with an aeroshuttle, the whole concept just smells like a kludge to me – something that was shoehorned in as if it had existed all along. I have a hard time swallowing the notion that the “D” had an aeroshuttle at all, despite claims it did. My suspicion is that “aeroshuttles” and “captain’s yachts” were all somehow ‘discovered’ after ‘Insurrection”, which obviously wanted something a little flashier than a ‘typical’ shuttle on-screen. Maybe I’m just cynical with age, but that’s my feeling. Maybe Cochrane had a yacht on the Phoenix (called “the Companion“?).

  2. I really like this one. The upcoming Baxial looks like a good model off a odd ship. I can see some people might not like it but I do. The Romulan shuttle looks really good.

    The Calypso was suppose to be in the TNG episode where Picard goes to have a heart operation but is was changed to a regular shuttlecraft, It can be seen on the bottom the Enterprise D model as so can the Cousteau on the E model.

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