Bajoran Raider

The Raider is the second Bajoran ship in the collection and like the first one, the Solar Sailor, this is a non-warp, non-impulse vessel. It is similar in size to a Federation runabout but considerably cramped inside with only a tiny cockpit for pilot and co-pilot. No doubt this is because the engine takes up most of the space. I remember enjoying both episodes the Raider appeared in, showing that though the Bajorans are lacking ‘modern’ starfaring technology their ships make up for it with their pluckiness.


You can see the raider looks essentially like a rocket engine with wings and a cockpit at the front. This is a great design that really strips the ship down to its basic function, and unlike most ships it is designed predominantly for atmospheric flight so it is justifiably streamlined. The hull is barrel-shaped with a huge exhaust at the rear. There is a variety of panelling and exposed components giving the ship a very believable construction I’ve not seen on many other ships, the Phoenix aside. The wings are excellent with a great downturned curve at the ends and thins struts at the rear that attach to the back of the hull. This has been very well executed as the wings, struts and main hull are all cast from one piece of metal. The cockpit is simple but unfortunately does looks very stuck on. Which it is, being a plastic part glued onto the main metal chassis. It is an unfortunate appearance but appears to be accurate.


The paintwork is simple, understated yet fitting for such a piece of antiquated hardware. It is mainly an off-white with plenty of rusted/worn patches of grey. If it were not for the yellow phasers the whole ship would be decorated in greyscales.


The Bajoran Raider is an excellent ship and very well reproduced. My main issue is the design of the cockpit appearing stuck on, but perhaps the intention is to allow it to eject from the ship in an emergency. The rest of the ship looks brilliant with its exposed pipes and equipment, curved wings and huge exhaust. It almost looks like it could a real ship in our not too distant future.


I had scrapped my scoring system last month, but due to popular demand I’ve had a change of mind and re-introduced. At some point I’ll revisit the three models I haven’t provided a rating for.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Very detailed, no plain spots – even inside the exhaust cowling!
  • Construction: 4/5 – Cockpit is conspicuously attached
  • Ship design: 5/5 – Simple rocket ship design
  • Overall: 5/5 – A cool little ship

In addition to the regular articles the magazine includes:

  • Designing the Bajoran Raider
    Includes some great sketches
  • Creating the Bajorans
    A long read covering the evolution and creation in TNG and DS9



6 thoughts on “Bajoran Raider

  1. Thanks for your reviews! And thanks for bringing back the scoring system. It was an act of insanity to abandon it 😉

  2. I guess maybe it’s the lighting, but the cockpit doesn’t look so out of place on my model as it does in these photos. But the idea of the cockpit serving as an escape pod isn’t unusual, so I wouldn’t ding the model for that.

    Not a lot of colour, so it’s not as ‘flashy’ as other ships, but it’s still pleasing to the eye, I admit. And like the Starfleet fighter a few issues back, the lack of any kind of identifying number is odd, and something you wouldn’t see on modern fighter jets.

    If anything is a letdown with this issue, it’s the magazine itself. For the first time in the entire run, I was so bored I couldn’t bother to finish reading it. The whole article on the Bajorans is obviously filler. While some may find it interesting, it just seemed to plod on and on for me. As we have at least another 30-40 issues to go, I hope we won’t exhaust the amount of information contained in the magazine.

  3. I would have liked the weathering a bit darker so it looks more old and battered otherwise a nice ship. I am just glad the next few ships are back to a good size after some small ones lately.

  4. I like it. Although weirdly it almost looks more like a Star Wars ship then a Trek one. With the cockpit, the exhaust, the dirtied up exterior.

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