Triple Review Special: Goroth’s Klingon Transport Ship, Enterprise A & Borg Renegade’s Ship

It has been a little while since I posted and in that Spring hiatus I’ve accrued a backlog of models to reviews. So let’s get to it.

First up is issue 71’s Klingon Transport, an ST:Enterprise ship of the week. The design of this ship marks a departure from usual IKS vessels, namely that it is missing wings. Regardless it is still obviously Klingon given its pale green hull and oversized red torpedo launcher. And just to make it clear the colourful Klingon symbol appears on both nacelles.


This is a one big, heavy model. With the possible exception of the Borg Sphere and the specials this is the heaviest model in the collection so far. The top half of the model is metal and it is both quite long and wide, giving it a very satisfying weight. Not only that but it is well assembled with all the joins on the underside of the ship. From above and even at the sides it looks like one big angular hunk of metal. The level of decor is quite decent if simple but at least the underside is given proper attention, unlike the disappointing Voth City Ship.


I’m always pleased to see a bit of translucent plastic as it often adds some dynamism to a model. In this case the warp nacelle exhausts are a pleasing translucent green with silver decor. Combined with a the red impulse exhausts on the rear it livens the model up a bit.


For the first 70 models I have given a score out of five. For the remaining 40+ I’m going to do something different and end simply with my conclusion on the ship design and model:

  • Ship: Not one of the better Klingon ships, but probably the closest to a Klingon runabout you might see.
  • Model: Heavy, well made and neatly decorated.

And finally, the magazine. I’m going to comment a little more on these going forward as you could say we come for the model, and stay for the magazine. The special articles for this issue are:

  • Designing the Klingon Transport Ship
    Eaglemoss are generally good at charting ship design history with fascinating sketches and renders. This is no exception.
  • Returning Aliens
    An interesting long read on the recurring alien races and their design evolution

The collection has been running so long you’d think all the great iconic ships have been done, but no. Here we are with issue 72’s Enterprise NCC-1701-A. In case anyone didn’t know the Enterprise A appeared in ST:V and ST:VI, a newly built replacement subsequent to the original Enterprise’s destruction in ST:III. To all external appearances the design is identical to the NCC-1701 refit, which you may recall appeared in the collection way back as issue two.


This is exactly the same model as the issue two’s, but with an entirely new, and I would say improved, paint job. It’s perfectly reasonable to reuse the same model design for a ship that is virtually the same, but I was hoping Eaglemoss would rethink the construction of it. As it is the Enterprise A suffers from the same egregious flaws as the refit. The joins are obvious and appear everywhere, especially bad on the engineering hull. The nacelles likewise are ill fitting, though at least the transparent blue deflector dish looks great. The nacelles grills too are brilliant.


If you don’t look too close though it is a nice model and I think this is thanks to the new paint work. It is white with faint aztecing and the few details are crisp and well placed. I am glad to see the final Enterprise missing from the collection, I’m just disappointed the poor construction issues weren’t addressed.


  • Ship: An absolute classic 80’s rendition of the Enterprise
  • Model: Poorly constructed but excellent paint work

The magazine has two articles:

  • Filming the NCC-1701-A
    A brief but informative little article with some fun trivia
  • Nicholas Meyer on Star Trek IV & VI
    This is an interview piece and offers some insight into the writer/director’s approach


Finally for this review! A real oddball of ship, the Borg Renegade’s Ship. We’ve seen some pretty daft ships in the collection but this way takes the biscuit with its asymmetrical design and apparent lack of obvious function. You could say this is a ship designed by committee, a grotesque camel of a thing. I don’t care for it very much but I do appreciate having it in the collection as people are bound to look at it and wonder what the hell it is.


I don’t think Borg ships have done well in the collection. The size of the models mean a lot of fine detail can be lost and as the Borg ships are swathed in complex, exposed machinery and components they tend to look plain and uninspiring when reproduced. Given the model size Eaglemoss have made a decent fist of it this time and think the key is the flecks of turquoise in the exposed hull sections. This gives a hint of inner lights and workings. The rest of the hull however is poor. It is boringly grey and bereft of shading and has an unfortunate brick-like pattern to it.


Nope, I think this is another failure but an interesting, irregular one. Unless the Borg Queen’s vessel makes an appearance I suspect this is the last Borg ship we’ll see and I won’t be too disappointed by that.

  • Ship: Totally bonkers and ugly
  • Model: A cute little model, well built and put together but rather bland


Alongside the usual articles the magazine contains:

  • Designing the Borg Renegade’s Ship
    Want to know why the heck they designed such an ugly ship? Read this.
  • Jonathan Del Arco
    This an interview with the actor who played Hugh, an ‘orphaned’ Borg

That’s it until the Bajoran Raider comes out next month and I’ll be back to reviewing ships one at a time!



10 thoughts on “Triple Review Special: Goroth’s Klingon Transport Ship, Enterprise A & Borg Renegade’s Ship

  1. I like the Goroth ship, It it literally in the episode about 10 seconds but due to cgi, the Enterprise episode ships are among my favourite.

    With regards to the Enterprise A, Ben said about a year ago that it would be using the same tooling as issue 2 however, I did think the joins might have been tighter. My biggest problem with it is they have left the grey panelling from the refit off the A. They just have not painted it. Also the phasers on the refit are no longer yellow. but grey.

    Not sure what to make of the Borg ship yet as that is tomorrows purchase. I do think it would have helped to make it bigger in a bigger box. Like with the Antares, the height restricts the size. I still want to see a Borg Special but looks unlikely with the next 4 being JJ film ships again.

  2. 1. I like the Klingon transport; like many other models, it’s not the greatest design, but it’s well-executed as a model. Not much to say about it, really.

    2. I compared the 1701-A to the refit Enterprise. It is indeed the same model, different paint job. I suppose if they retooled it, the obvious question would be, “Why didn’t they do that the first time?”. So it’s fine, more or less. Nice to have all the seen E’s (unless you count the Enterprise-J.

    3. I agree the Borg ships have always been problematic, but better to have them than leave them out. Of course in space you don’t need aerodynamics (look at the Apollo Lunar Lander), so like the Borg themselves, I can see the design is irrelevant to function. The odd ships are always a nice contrast to the pointy ones.

    So overall, three fine ships. Nothing fantastic except for the 1701-A merely by being present, but certainly we’ve all seen worse models in the collection.

  3. If they retooled the Enterprise, I suppose they would have to do issue 2 again to they are similar as they are the same ship except the A registry. I am still surprised they missed of paint detail. I intend to get a second “A” as it is my favourite ship as my model has a massive bit of glue down one nacelle plus scratches on the saucer and even a missing small red square above the shuttlebay. I then will try to put the grey back on the nacelles. It will then be my display version leaving the other one in its box.

    Also, what is the big square over the shuttlebay door?

    The Borg ship might not even be Borg but a ship they found and assimilated. I actually like that idea.

  4. I get irritated with the inconsistency of these models sometimes. I have the refit and the A next to each other and all I see are 2 incomplete models. The refit lacks the really nice aztecing that the A has, yet the A lacks any detail on the nacell pylons that the refit has. Despite these seeming like minor details, it just seems at times that the quality assurance checks for these models just isn’t there.

  5. I like the klingon ship. It’s nicely different from the rest of the IKS fleet so it stands out.

    The 1701-A is probably the biggest disappointment to me in this batch. Not simply that it is the same mold. That was obvious. All 6 movies used the same studio model, with the only real differences largely being paint. But the paint is my problem with this one. It is much much better than the 1701 refit release. Much better. It has nice subtle aztecing. A nice light base color. It looks like the refit Enterprise… it’s just not painted as any version of the Enterprise A. Actually the overall paint scheme most closely matches the TMP refit. From ST II onwards, after ILM repainted the model it had what are called the “Fastbacks”. Blue green markings along the top of the secondary hull and pilings that reflect the main engine sections. They were greenish for ST II and III, for the 1701-A in ST IV and V they were a light blue. For the final appearance in ST VI they were a distinct grey. To have an idea what I am talking about look at the Eaglemoss Enterprise-C model, and some of the green markings on it. They aren’t quite the same. But the idea is there. The blue green accents in ST ships started with the refit. But somehow Eaglemoss opted not to show them?

    The Borg ship is kind of weirdly neat. Not something I would miss not having, but still kind of weird and quirky.

    1. I like the paint of the “A” and wished they reissued issue 2 the same colour. It is the other issues, there are so many thing wrong with it, it is a total disappointment, Red square on the cargobay door, penants wrong colour, bussard collectors wrong, sensors on top of the saucer wrong colour (but correct on the “refit”).

      The “C” is also another big disappointment as there is hardly any “C” in the model. They pretty mixed up the “C”and the “Refit Yamaguchi” with it being mainly the “Yamaguchi”.

  6. I had high hopes for the 1701-A after Eaglemoss conceded the issues with the 1701 refit, but am just as disappointed in the 1701-A. The registration on the saucer shouldn’t be all-black, barely-visible fastbacks (also wrong coloring), incorrect detailing of the Buzzards, and the seams, as mentioned previously. The Johnny Lightning 1701-A is an order of magnitude better as far as accuracy of detailing, and puts Eaglemoss to shame, I’m sorry to say…

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