Voth City Ship

Here we are, nearly three years after the collection began and we’ve final reached issue 70, which would have been the original count. That has been extended a couple of times to 110 so we’ve still got plenty of stuff to look forward. In the next few months we can expect to see an emphasis on smaller ships and shuttles such as the Academy Flight Trainer, Bajoran Raider, Captain’s Yacht, Scoutship and the Baxial.


I’m glad the collection hasn’t ended with the Voth City Ship. It is a bit of a let down both as a model and by the standards of Star Trek ship design. Let’s tackle the design aspect first. If and when you receive this model take a look at the magazine’s ‘Designing the Voth City Ship’ article, which shows the gradual simplification of Rick Sternbach’s original design. The first sketch was complex with many towers and protruding sections, but the final design resembles a squashed garlic bulb to me. It is only ‘ship of the week’, but there have been plenty of excellent examples – take a look at the Romulan Drone or Malon Export Vessel. For what is one of the largest ships in the series I am disappointed by its lack of vision.


The simple design has meant Eaglemoss have been able to reproduce it with only two pieces, a single larger metal piece for the main hull, impeller and forward hull and a smaller plastic part for the underside of the main hull and impeller. The underside is flat and simply decorated, certainly nothing interesting to look at. The construction is solid, though there is a intentional gap underneath the forward hull section. I’m not sure what I think about that as you can peer inside and see the unadorned internal structure of the model.


The transversal warp impeller could really do with being replaced with a translucent plastic and painted to give it more vigour, anything really would be good to bring this model to life a bit more As you can tell I’m not impressed with this issue, being a lacklustre design, adequately but not spectacularly reproduced in model form. This is not a disaster by any means, but given such a huge variety of in ships and models I’m bound to be disappointed on occasion.

  • Detailing: 3/5 – Decent without any untouched areas
  • Construction: 3/5 – I don’t like the open front
  • Ship design: 2/5 – Boring, especially given its scale
  • Overall: 2/5 – A real down of what could be an impressive city ship

Finally let me give you a brief update on the most recently announced set of models. It will be no surprise the collection is moving into more obscure territory. I’ve provided links to picture of each model, aside from Issue 79 which hasn’t been made available yet.

  • Issue 77, Romulan Shuttle
    This looks very cool
  • Issue 78, Aeroshuttle
    Never seen before another model I’m looking forward to reviewing
  • Issue 79, Mudd’s Ship, Stella
    No pictures of the model yet – quite a brutal design
  • Issue 80, Federation Scout
    As seen on Nemesis
  • Issue 81, Xindi Reptilian Ship
    Another unusual design
  • Issue 82, Warp Delta Ship
    The predecessor to the NX class
  • Issue 83, Bajoran Interceptor

UPDATE: I spotted a copy and paste mistake I made originally – my score for the Voth City Ship should be 2/5 not 4/5.


9 thoughts on “Voth City Ship

  1. I agree; a major disappointment. The ship as it is has no sense of scale; you can’t tell if it’s 10,000 meters or 15 meters long. The first passes at a ‘city ship’ as shown in the magazine were much better at representing what this should have been. The producers completely got it wrong by smoothing it so much that it lost any character it might have had. None of this is really Eaglemoss’s fault, but the cheapness of the plastic bottom hearkens back to the Ferengi cruiser. Easily one of the worst models in the entire collection. I know the 1701-A is coming up, and I hope the remaining ships are of better quality, both in design and execution than this nondescript failure.

    1. Not sure why my comments are not being seen, The gap is intentional as the cgi blueprint has it too. I still think the Ferengi gets a lot of bad rep when it shouldn’t as much as it should. Sure it is BBQ’d strangely, later manufactured are much better. Some paint on the bottom would be good.

      1. For some reason some comments need my approval, whilst others do not. I’m not sure what the difference is, but your comments will appear eventually, sorry!

  2. A-hem, let me adjust my nerd glasses. The scout ship was from insurrection, not nemesis. Carry on, enjoy these reviews.

  3. I think it is one of the better models. It has plenty of detail and at least the bottom also has detail unlike the Ferengi ship which is not even painted.

    I do think the front bit should have been longer and more pointed/narrow.

    My fear with the Enterprise A is that we will get the same one as the preview which was released without permission. It has a big error on the top of the saucer. They used the same one for the preview in the magazine.

  4. What is the deal with the gap in the front? What an ugly thing and it certainly “ranks” as one of the worst next to the Ferengi ship ugh!

  5. The gap in the front is obviously intended as some sort of gigantic hangar bay for ships to go in and out. But the ‘sawed-off’ area around it is what I don’t like. Huge blank areas probably the size of Voyager, which would just be very odd. Or there are details there, but too small to see at this size.

    As I said in my opening post, I can’t fault EM too much for reproducing this ship as is. Yes, the bottom is detailed, but do we ever see it in the episode? I don’t recall. The ship is just a dull, rounded blah, which is a design flaw more than a mistake made in reproduction. A ship based on the first design as shown in the magazine would have been much more interesting.

    Regarding the Ferengi Marauder, I never had an issue with the paint job on the top of the ship. I still think it’s one of the best in the way it blends in (just like the ship we see onscreen). It’s the bottom being so devoid of the same kind of detail that makes the ship more of a toy you’d find in a box of cereal. You almost expect to see little plastic wheels.

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