Breen Warship

The Breen were the inscrutable baddies that joined forces with the Dominion late on in ST:DS9. Very little is ever explained about this mysterious race and likewise their unusual ships too. There is nothing like the Breen warship in the collection, an odd jumble of stacked blades that is not recognisably a starship.


For all its apparent complexity the model is actually made of only four parts. The main hull section is metal and is a sweeping grey blade intersected by two straighter green blades sporting intricate weapon assemblies at their leading points. At the other end are day-glo yellow components, possibly propulsion of some sort. Underneath is another thin blade of similar design to the two green sections but made of plastic and a smaller weapon assembly. This is placed slightly off centre as is a considerably larger plastic blade section above giving the ship and entirely asymmetric design. Finally the fourth hull piece, also plastic, sits above them all, a tapered elliptical rectangle design that appears four times elsewhere on the ship in miniature.


It really is an unusual design that unlike a Federation ship gives very little idea as to what many of the components and details actually are. It’s not even clear which is the bridge – if there is one. The myriad of details is impressive, many differently shaped sections and variations. I could see only two neglected areas being the underside of the top section and an odd weapon-like structure right in the middle. The underside of both had no detailing or paintwork.


Predominantly the model is green and grey, but there is a multitude of other colours too. A lot of plating is mustard, some brighter yellow and a few garish parts are almost fluorescent yellow. There are also white, blue, orange and other shades of grey in use. In general the paintwork is excellent with little bleeding and crisp delineation.


This really is an interesting model. Its not one of my favourites but I do appreciate the excellent level of detail, paintwork and perfect construction that together have made an excellent reproduction of a uniquely alien craft.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Excellent, especially for a non Starfleet ship
  • Construction: 4/5 – Only four parts, but no joins and sturdy
  • Ship design: 4/5 – Interesting asymmetric design
  • Overall: 4/5 – An odd design well executed

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