Enterprise NX-01 Refit

Here is a special I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. We haven’t had a regular universe special since the first issue – Deep Space Nine. Normally regular universe ships make it too the main part of the collection (aside from the shuttle collection and mirror universe ships) but as the NX-01 refit has never appeared in either TV or film this is a non-canon ship; a first of for the collection. In fact its only real appearance was in the 2011 Ships of the Line calendar.


This is a supremely cool improvement to the pre-TOS stylings of the NX-01, showing a distinct lineage that leads onto the NCC-1701 and onwards. The design extends the nacelle struts further down to join up with a bona-fide engineering hull. The original hull linkages from the saucer section to the nacelle struts remain making the design more solid and less spindly than its future ships. According to the magazine this meant doubling up certain systems and affording some redundancy. There are now two warp drives, and two deflector dishes as the small one at the leading edge of the saucer is eclipsed by the grander dish on the engineering hull.


The saucer section is relatively unchanged whilst the nacelles have undergone a facelift. The Bussard collectors are a pleasing orange with old school points and the Starfleet pennant and swoosh replaces the outer warp grills.


The special edition allows for a more detail than the regular issues and this is no exception. The quality of the saucer section is excellent, from its matt metallic finish with light aztecing to the numerous painted and embossed details. This holds true on the underside, nacelles, struts and top half of engineering. Only the bottom half of under engineering appears plain as it does not have the matt finish used elsewhere. For once the deflector is not wonky on my model and indeed looks great in dirty orange.


Build quality is also very high. Eaglemoss is generally careful to ensure the major joins appear on the underside and on this model all are discrete thanks in part to the detailing. You will not be disappointed by this special edition. It’s a fun ship and I’m glad Eaglemoss are able to include non-canon ships in the collection this way. A final note about the magazine. It is full length, but only covers the ship’s design process. It is a good read and covers many interesting aspects about the design that have probably never been published before, but it does feel make the magazine feel shorter than usual.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Superb detailing
  • Construction: 5/5 – No obvious joins and plenty of metal
  • Ship design: 5/5 – A perfect improvement to the little NX-01
  • Overall: 5/5 – A real talking point of the collection

22 thoughts on “Enterprise NX-01 Refit

  1. I have stated before that I’m not keen on non-canon ships, as it can be a can of worms. We could end up shelling out money for literally hundreds of ‘potential’ designs that may have only appeared on a book jacket. There’s more than enough canon ships to go around.

    That said, I do agree that this refit NX-01 is fantastic, from the design to the execution of the finished model. It is a stunner, and reminds us what a shame it was that Enterprise never got a fifth season to show this ship on-screen. I agree completely with the review and think it’s one of the best models in the entire series.

    I also think the magazine, even if it seems shorter, is one of the best single issues in the collection (if not the best). It takes you through how this design evolved and was fleshed out to a great degree, and unlike some issues where you’re bored to tears halfway through, it was an absorbing read.

    I’m still opposed to non-canon ships (I couldn’t care less about the Titan and Aventine), but am forced to agree that this may be the single best pairing of model and magazine out of the past 70-odd issues.

    1. this was never, ever, ever going to be part of Star trek Enterprise. The producers never, ever asked for a design change on the ship. This was done years after the show was canceled and Doug needed a calendar image. And since he always (rather irrationally in my opinion) thought the ship should have two nacelles, a saucer section, and a secondary hull he took the NX-01 and forced it into the shape design. I personally don’t like it, but I am glad others do. but please understand this was never, ever, ever going to be part of trek. Even if Berman and Cotto said we wanted a new design it wouldn’t be this one, as no design of a major ship has made it to screen in the form the designer imagined, originally without the producers making, many, many, many changes.

      I also don’t get it when someone states that putting in a secondary hull gives the ship a clear design lineage to NCC-1701. This ships timeline is almost perfectly split between Cochrane’s ship and Pike/ Kirk’s. The fact that it goes from two nacelles and gets a saucer section seems a near perfect half way point for the design. Leaving another 70 years for ship designs to naturally progress to a secondary hull.

  2. This one is in one of those strange grey areas. It was designed by Drexxler, or rather it was designed into the NX-01’s design as its next refit, from the beginning. It was planned for use in Season 5, but got cancelled before appearing on screen. Technically it is an official Paramount/CBS owned design, and not a fan work or non cannon ship such as from a game. I think there is even a computer panel of it somewhere in season 4 during one of the time jumps. (I also could be wrong, but I believe a model of it shows up in the admiral’s office in Into Darkness.)

    This falls into the same vague grey area as the Daedalus, a concept art ship that appeared on screen as a number of display models in Captains ready rooms, or the USS Titan, Rikers ship from the books, which Paramount held a design contest for, and created an actual official filming model of the winner and toured the country with it.

    I always got the impression (and I may be wrong) That Drexxler’s plan was the ship would be refit to this at around the midpoint. And then for it to finally be given classic ST livery and colors at the end. The Grey/white paint scheme over the bare metal.

    Paramount certainly views it as canon. They also have Polar Lights making models of this one. I don’t think they have ever done that before (unless you count Matt Jeffries Lief Ericson)

    1. This ship was never designed for season t. It was designed years after the show ended. It was specifically designed for a calendar. now Doug always wanted a ship that came closer to looking like the original Enterprise, but the producers didn’t. And personally I agree with the producers. The period the show is set in is roughly half way between first Contact and Pike/ Kirk’s ship. the NX-01 design of two nacelles and a saucer section is very much a middle of the road design to get to the basic shape of the NCC-1701. I mean there is still 75 plus years before TOS. And for starlet it’s still extremely early in there actual starship design. making the design to similar to the NCC-1701 would have been a huge error in my mind, since the basic shape seems to be from earth designers. Now if on Enterprise we saw that other races were the major influence for the basic shape design, then yeah since they have been designing and building space ships much longer, then having a frame that is close to the NCC-1701 would make a lot more sense, but that isn’t the history that the show was telling.

  3. Andrew, have you not read the accompanying magazine, which refers to many of your points in detail. Even though it was planned by Drexler, we don’t know if it would ever have happened on screen. He was the designer, not the show’s producer. I don’t recall the magazine mentioning a repaint scheme either.

    And ‘technically’, any design for a Star Trek ship is legally owned by Paramount/CBS, no matter who designs it; they own the rights to the name, characters and any derivatives of it. The original refit designs of Kirk’s Enterprise that were intended for the revival of the TV series (which was never made, and the design was recycled later into the first movie) are 100% completely owned by the company, but not canon, since the show was never made, and the ship (as designed at that time) was never seen on a TV or movie screen.

    So these ‘grey area’ ships you mention, like the Titan, are non-canon, even if Paramount/CBS designed it, since they never appeared on-screen. Models and book covers don’t make a ship canon; it has to be seen in-Universe.

    1. Well yes. But we have never ever seen Paramount/CBS actually extend the licensing to cover those non-cannon ships the way they have with the NX refit. While I don’t put too much stock in them allowing it for Eaglemoss, as that was a special edition collectors product really mainly available only direct or through agents, it is way way out of the norm for them to approve the ship as a major consumer retail release product by Polar Lights. Remember the licensor has absolute veto power of the products and traditionally licensors tend to shy away from things on the fringes of their licenses. somebody at Paramount or CBS likes this ship and highly approves of it in a way that we have never seen before. They have literally taken full ownership of a design not seen on screen. Which puts it in an interesting place cannon wise, does it not?

  4. Probably because there’s not much interest in these very specialized “niche” ships. Most casual Enterprise fans probably don’t know about the refit, and would not be motivated enough to want to buy a model of it. The only people interested in the Titan are going to be people who have read the novels it’s featured in. I’ve never read them, so I don’t want to buy the model. But if Eaglemoss contacts Paramount/CBS and says, “Hey, we’ve got 5,000 people who will buy a model of this design”, what is P/C going to say? “Nah, we don’t want the money”? The license holder is not going around, looking for companies to hawk their ships; it’s the other way round. Eaglemoss, just like Polar Lights, contacts Paramount/CBS and says, “we can make money doing this”, which is all P/C is interested in.

    I’m sure nobody at Parmount/CBS gives a flip about the NX-01 refit; but if EM and PL ask to license it, they’re happy to do so. A company like Hallmark, however, sells to a more mass market, so they don’t have as much interest in a “niche” ship. And without appearing on-screen, niche ships are not canon (one ‘n’, please). If one day a future Trek series shows the refit, then it may be considered canon.

  5. I received mine only yesterday, Eaglemoss delivery’s to Holland doesn’t exactly travel at warp 9, but I think It’s fantastic. I would have liked to see the normal NX-01 on this scale. Despite all the arguments Mike and Mark brought up, I think it could have been an great ship for a fifth or sixth season. In my opinion it is the missing link between the NX and constitution class and I like it much more than for example the Enterprise from the Abrahams movies. I would like to see it in a future episode of the fan series star trek Horizon for instance. I think Eaglemoss did a great job on this one and I thank Doug for designing this fantastic ship

  6. You guys do know that Star Trek is NOT real yeah ?

    Canon or not…Eaglemoss are producing a bloody marvellous array of Star Trek Ships from every movie and series, I for one am not going to open an artery because a “ship didn’t appear on screen’ Hell after searching the internet and seeing some of the amazing derivatives and variations people have conjured up based on the Star Trek universe..

    I for one would have one of each were they to be made available for no other reason than to sit and stare at them on my shelf, ask myself the question “what if” and wonder and appreciate the design skills, ideas and dedication a number of fans have to go to the trouble of letting their imagination run rampant and designing the splendid “Non-Canon” Spin offs. I also marvel at the fact that for 50 years this phenomenon has filled the hearts and souls of the entire planet….

    So a ship didn’t appear on screen….In the Sci-Fantasy future from which this all springs how can any of you say that a particular ship “doesn’t exist” technically NONE of them exist….BUT..Who is to say that everyone of these brilliant works of art weren’t going to appear in the very next episode that never happened…

    I do not consider myself an obsessive fan, I have watched it all and at 49 years old have been alive for all but a year of it. I have loved Star Trek from the moment I was sat in front of a screen and was old enough to watch it…do I read the books ? nope…Do I dress up and wonder around making phaser sounds at conventions ? nope…Do I care If the next Star Trek movie airs 13 seconds of information that conflicts with an episode made 40+ years ago and causes an imbalance that could lead to the entire collapse of modern society as we know it…nope….But would I snap up a NON Canon ship in a heart beat….were it designed by a trek Fan, whose imagination soared to great heights to come up with something that could have quite easily been in the Star Trek universe ? and that was designed with the same passion and adoration for this series that the 1701-D / Voyager / DS9 and every other Star trek vessel or station YOU BET YER SWEET BIPPY I WOULD !…Be honest…so would most..Hell its STAR TREK…

    Let go of the Politics and enjoy parting with the hard earned cash that you are at long last being given the chance to spend on a range of star trek toys..yes toys…that every star trek fan and his dog has been hoping would become available some day and now in our life time…50 years after it all began, we are regaling our shelves with something that means a LOT to us all…

    To say ” it’s a waste of money to be buying Ships that are ‘Non-Canon” is to many an opinion, and one they are welcome too, no one is forcing any of us to make these purchases every fortnight, yet we do, and wait with anticipation of each end every next delivery, wonder where in Gods name we will fit the next 2 ships or how can our shelves best be arranged to hold them all…

    Just my opinion, Just my thoughts…Great Website an interesting read from all

    Live Long and Prosper I say…Prosper and Buy I say…Buy and enjoy for this time may not come again.

  7. What? I’m not telling anyone they can’t buy a ‘non-canon’ ship; I’d just like to not have them in the ‘main list’ of ships. Offer them as an alternate purchase, like the shuttlecrafts or the Mirror Universe Enterprise or the dedication plaques, and those who want them can knock themselves out. I just don’t want to purchase a ship that’s only appeared on a book cover. Unlike you, I’m not made of money, so I’d like to limit my spending to ships I’ve at least seen, no matter how fleetingly. I’m not enough of a Trekker to want anything or everything that has a ‘Star Trek’ label slapped upon it.

  8. Overall, one of the best models Eaglemoss has done and the increased size has enhanced the details…except on the sides of the saucer. The original NX-01 model had all the windows, airlocks and thrusters, along with the staggered cladding of the hull, but this one scrubs all those details right off.

    In Drexler’s rendering, the configuration of of E-Deck is unchanged:

    Nit-picky, I know, but a puzzler, considering the level of detail elsewhere on the model.

  9. Don’t care if it is non-canon–in my opinion, the entire argument between preferring “canon” and “non-canon” is a flame war which ignores the fact that people are essentially griping about a ship that does or does not appear in a made-up universe of non-existent ships in the first place, so why the argument? Personally, I have mine displayed right next to the “Kelvinverse” U.S.S. Franklin model, with the two really complimenting each other–a highly recommended special edition, indeed! And a great review!

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