Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser

The D7 is a Klingon warship, as powerful as it is ugly. You may recall we saw the K’Tinga Class back in 2013, the more detailed and refined  iteration. I won’t spent too much time comparing the models as one is from the Original Series and the other from the movies so the detail is bound to be different. To be clear though the D7 is not a modified version of the K’Tinga model – they are constructed differently.


The magazine explains the D7 came about as a desire to sell more Trek models and is in fact the first Klingon ship designed. The decoration is simple, bordering on plain yet the structure is unusual and weird, from its bulbous bridge section, long neck and thin angled wings. The ship is light grey all over with very little additional paintwork. There is a small amount of Klingon text in white, the colourful Klingon Empire emblem, and a couple of darker grey patches. That is pretty much it. As the surfaces are also clear of engraved or embossed detail for the most part the ship almost looks incomplete.

20160310_215048Compared to many other models this is plain and undetailed but it is well constructed with care taken to ensure the only visible joins are on the underside of the main hull. This is a competent rendition of a ungainly and simplistic ship but it is iconic and a welcome addition to the collection.


  • Detailing: 2/5 – Classic TOS understated approach
  • Construction: 4/5 – Very well done, large joins on underside though
  • Ship design: 3/5 – Ugly yet original
  • Overall: 3/5 – TOS-era simplicity is outclassed by other less iconic models

3 thoughts on “Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser

  1. You really think it’s an ugly ship? I remember many times building the AMT kit (in green) to compete with my Enterprise model. Great days. It is ‘iconic’, and while there were odd things about it (the long walk from the Engineering section to the Bridge through that fragile neck, mainly), it screams ‘Klingon’ just like Kirk’s ship let you know at a glance who the good guys were.

    I’m not crazy about the join, but I still think it merits a ‘4’. The smooth texture is not always a bad thing.

  2. I had one of those rare and unusual AMT pinkish colored ones (sort of a mauve) another friend had a dark grey. A third opened his to find pure white. We loved them all.

    This one seems to have missed some detailing. Shouldn’t the front nose weapon stick out as a tube? Also the front of the impulse engines should be ribbed as a grating. And there should be some further detail on the heat exchangers at the top of it. All the parts that used to be chrome.

    I don’t need it overly detailed and dirtied up. I’m old school. Straight naval grey is fine. But at least give the gratings and vents some texture and color.

  3. I don’t remember much about the engines or heat exchangers, but I clearly recall the nose weapon was not a tube. It was inset as a hole, with a chrome insert. Perhaps you made yours with the insert sticking out the other way?

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