USS Raven

The USS Raven, in case you didn’t know, is the Federation ship Seven of Nine’s family used to research the Borg before they were fatefully assimilated. It is essentially a very large shuttle, or runabout and shares many similar design characteristics. Unlike most large Federation ships that generally stick to the saucer and engineering section layout this is a small single hulled ship with warp nacelles attached via struts on the sides. The hull is blocky with a shuttle-like streamlined nose that houses the bridge, implying it is designed for atmospheric flight. It is large enough however to support a shuttlebay which opens at the rear and apparently is home to a small shuttle (according to the magazine). On the underside are large rectangular panels which I believe is some sort of modular storage.


The model appears to be mostly plastic. I may be wrong but only the nacelle struts are metal, making the model quite light considering its size. I don’t mind too much as generally the plastic components are better defined but this is supposed to be a die-cast model. It is a fairly plain Federation model in contrast to other recent TNG plus ships such as the Norway and Steamrunner classes. There is no aztecing and the colour scheme is predominantly shades of grey, ranging from light grey for the main hull colour with various darker greys for various components and panels. There is of course the usual bright red decals normally seen with the Starfleet pennant, also used at the front of the nacelles and the impulse engine situated on the struts. It’s worth noting that the Starfleet pennant does not appear as whilst this is Federation it is not Starfleet and so a golden crescent symbol is used instead. I guess this denotes some sort of civilian science concern, though I’ve seen no reference to it.


I’m always pleased to see the classic turquoise transparent plastics employed in recreating nacelles grills, and once again it has been put to great use especially as the Raven’s grills are particularly large. I would have been severely disappointed in their absence. This model remind me a lot of the Runabout model – chunky and simple in design, yet faithfully reproduced. As the scale is different to the likes of Enterprises C and upwards the detail is lacking in comparison, but it is by no means disappointing. My main issue is the predominance of plastic, but that aside I think this is a pretty cool model.


  • Detailing: 4/5 – Pretty good as it is Federation
  • Construction: 3/5 – Very little metal, but well assembled
  • Ship design: 3/5 – A basic, functional Federation ship but nacelles are very nice
  • Overall: 4/5 – Nice to see in the collection



4 thoughts on “USS Raven

  1. Nice little ship. I love the more utilitarian craft of the Trek world. Freighters, Shuttles, Oddball Starships that only their captain could love. The Raven seems a shining example of such.

  2. Indeed a nice little ship, not very well detailed, but it looks quite good and I also love the nacelles. I dig this one very much because the episodes the Raven and Dark Frontier are absolute favorites of mine. I also would like to see a model from the Jenolan as seen on the episode Relics from TNG.

  3. I don’t think we ever saw the Jenolan as an intact ship; only crashed on the surface of the Dyson sphere. There was probably never even a design for it pre-crash.

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