Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser

Time for an ST:Enterprise ship, the first for quite a few issues now. This is another Xindi model, less showy than the huge claw shaped Xindi-Insectoid ship. It’s fairly simple but neatly constructed and decorated.

Before I take a closer look at this issue’s model I want to mention that I received an email from Eaglemoss today informing me the NX-01 Refit Special is now ready to order. That’s exciting – hopefully I’ll get hold of one soon!


Back to the Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser and its clear its design is heavily based on aquatic lines. The general design is partly a cross between a squid and a manta ray with an emerald-blue colour scheme. According to the magazine the interior of the ship is filled with water, the Aquatic’s natural environment. As such you’d expect the technology to be considerably different to most other species. Imagine if you flooded the Enterprise, I doubt it would operate particularly well. The model has several large blister like view ports, most of which are painted on but a few are transparent emerald plastic. Interestingly those same pieces are visible on the underside too, but are painted green for some reason.


The underside is not so great to look at as this is where the major join of the top and bottom hull pieces are noticeably apparent. Likewise the paintwork is plainer without the mottled effect seen on top. This does mean the top side looks great though, with no distracting joins and good quality paintwork. As it isn’t a Starfleet ship it is less detailed, but I’ve become accustomed to that.


I quite like the design for its curved edges, squid-like tail and the pointed forward hull is nicely joined by two graceful struts. It is not one of the most inspiring models in the collection but it is well made, with joins hidden underneath and it is predominantly metal. Check out the magazine which covers some interesting alternate designs before this version was settled on. Normally I don’t mention the stands in my review, but a word of caution here – the model barely stays in place. Every time I’ve touched the model its immediately jumped out of the stand.


  • Detailing: 4/5 – Simple but nicely decorated
  • Construction: 4/5 – Underneath join is huge, but keeps the top clean
  • Ship design: 4/5 – The aquatic theme and double necked forward hull is great
  • Overall: 4/5 – Well executed, pleasing design

6 thoughts on “Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser

  1. I have the same problem with the stand. As for the ship, yes, it’s pretty, but not very inspiring. The join on the bottom is unfortunate, altho it’s better than the upcoming D-7 (spoiler alert!).

  2. Nice review! Not may favorite ship of the collection. It just looks and feels more B5 than Trek. Somehow the ST designers never really nailed it when they tried to do CGI organic designs. They all ended up looking like the illegitimate love child of the Seaquest and a Mimbari Cruiser.

  3. The only really good looking organic design in my opinion is the Romulan drone, this one’s nice but has nothing special to it. The whole idea of an aquatic ship, although it’s a complete different design is stolen from the Dan Dare comics off course, but a lot of ideas from TOS cam from Dan Dare such as transporters en silicon based life forms, that’s why I like star trek so much (I also like Dan Dare very much)

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