The ugliest ship trophy has yet another contender with the awkward Antares, a small Starfleet ship of the TOS era. It’s not one I’d ever seen before as it appeared in a episode of TOS that I haven’t seen. Fortunately the magazine covers its history well, and does a good job at explaining its blocky, misshapen structure.

20160124_212005It is undeniably Starfleet, with the light grey paintwork, twin nacelles and a forward hull approximating a saucer section but its standout difference is that it is very blocky, with few curved edges. The nacelles are very small in comparison to the hull, less than half the length of the ship and set close to rear half of the ship. The Bussard collectors are not made of transparent plastic unfortunately, instead they are painted red.


The hull itself consists of several sections; the angular ‘saucer section’ with raised bridge,  a large main hull which consists of a square block, attached to with is an angled block, another square at a tangent to the top part and half a bell shape. It’s a really odd collection of shapes – there seems to be no consistency to it. Even uglier is the rear section which is a thin ‘H’ shape that runs parallel to the nacelles. There really is no elegance to the arrangement. As this is a TOS ship the decor is unsurprisingly sparse. The ships registry appears on the side of the nacelles, along with the usual Starfleet pennant and swoosh. On top there is a odd attempt at aztec-ing which seems to vary in blockiness depending on the hull piece. This appears on the underside in a couple of places, but generally the ship is plain grey underneath. The ship’s name appears in a hard to read cursive script in several places. I don’t doubt it is isn’t incorrect but it’s not the nicest of scripts.



In a few places windows are depicted in white, and there are touches of silver, red and yellow. There is also a tiny burgundy coloured deflector dish at the front of the main hull which is a nice touch, though on my model it’s a bit wonky.


This really is an odd ship. I’d definitely recommend reading the magazine, especially those of you who haven’t seen this ship before (which includes me!). Whilst I think Eaglemoss have done a good job of accurately depicting the ship I’d like it to have been a bit bigger and had a rethink about what parts to manufacture. The joins are not great, in fact making the ship look even more piecemeal than it actually is. I was considering calling this the worst Starfleet ship in the collection, but that’s unfair. It’s unique appearance keeps drawing your eyes back to it, like a car crash on the motorway.

  • Detailing: 3/5 – Basic like most TOS ships
  • Construction: 2/5 – wonky deflector dish and poor joins
  • Ship design: 2/5 – looks like it’s made of lego
  • Overall: 3/5 – Fascinating yet flawed little model

8 thoughts on “Antares

  1. I wish it was bigger too, but I do like the Antares. Like the Lunar Module of the Apollo era, it’s designed for a vacuum, so streamlining is a waste of time. It also has several markings on the underside that also appear on the Enterprise, so that ties it in to Kirk’s era very well.

    My most serious problem is that the name & registry don’t appear on the upper hull, even though they are depicted on the cover of the magazine! But overall, I enjoy it more than say, the Maalon cargo ship.

  2. The cgi version never had the registry and name on-screen as it was seen only from the side. No top view was created.

    They probably made it that small due to the height of it meaning a bigger box would be needed. They should have done that.

    I still looks more like the animated series version than the TOS remastered (didn’t appear in the original version) other than the deflector dish in a different place.

  3. I believe this ship appeared not in the original series, but it Star Trek: The Animated Series. That show had its fair share of wonky designs, both in ships and aliens.

  4. I actually kind of like this guy for all its ugliness. There is a reason you likely never saw this ship on the show. It doesn’t actually originate from TOS. It comes from TAS. The Funimation Animated Series of 70’s Saturday Morning fame. While it was talked about in the original series it was never actually made as a production model or shown on screen for the Original Live Action series as it aired in broadcast or reruns. The animated design was slightly different, at least from some angles. But was the only “official Federation Star Fleet Cargo Ship” shone during that era. It comes from the sequel to ” The Trouble with Tribbles”. I think it was called “More Tribbles More Trouble”.

    When they redid all of the TOS episodes for Hi Ressolution modern TV’s, and had to redo all of the effects using CGI they added the ship into the episode Charlie X for the “Special Edition” version of the show.

    So you would likely only know it if you watched the modern upgraded Blu Rays. They reworked the design a bit for Live action and extended the bridge/bow out further.

  5. THIS! This is the ship that pulled me into collecting these suckers! A rarity from TAS, done right by the keepers of “modern-day” Trek using its design as the CGI Antares in remastered TOS. Home run!

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