Star Trek Starship Collection: Miscellanea

Good times for the collection these days! We still haven’t quite reached the original 70 issues yet, and at least another 40 to go after that. I’m hoping the next special will be delivered soon – the NX-01 refit, plus more Mirror Universe editions too. This means my collection is slowly building up yet I’m not quite keeping pace with the reviews! Don’t worry; I’ll try to catch-up over the next two or three weeks as I’m keen to talk to all about the excellent Phoenix.


However I have a few bits and pieces to share first. It’s taken an astonishing long time to turn up but I finally have one of the special edition binders. It’s considerably nicer than the regular binders with various ships front and back, and the text is silver embossed. I’ll be putting my special and mirror universe edition magazines in mine.

20160121_200353I also bought the Defiant and Voyager plaques to join the Enterprise D plaque I received as a subscriber gift back in 2013. Both are nicely made, with clear text and paintwork. I can’t work out why but the Defiant plaque is surprisingly heavy. As far as I can see it’s the same dimensions as the Voyager plaque. I’ve popped both back in their boxes for the time being as I’ve nowhere to put them yet but I’m sure I’ll take them out time to time to take a look.



I’m not so fussed about the plaques as the models are the real draw for me in the collection. However I’ve come this far in the collection without missing out, so I could hardly turn these down could I*?

*Yes, but I hit ‘buy’ before anyone convinced me out of it!


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: Miscellanea

  1. I love the reviews and the pictures as always are lovely! I concur with you on the plaques, in for a pence, in for a pound right! Many pounds and dollars I should say!

  2. Do these plaques need to be ordered separately or will they be a part of the special shipments at some point?

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