ISS Enterprise

Here’s a nice treat I’ve been waiting on for weeks – the first Mirror Universe special; the ISS Enterprise NCC-1701. It’s taken Eaglemoss a pretty long time to send it out as I ordered mine on Black Friday, but I can be patient. The magazine is numbered ‘M1’ to show it is separate from the main collection and hopefully means we’ll get to see other Mirror Universe ships.

20160111_211638The ISS Enterprise is very similar in virtually all respects to the original NCC-1701. It’s no surprise that Eaglemoss have repurposed the issue 50 model for this ship. It has the same great build quality, simple paintwork and detail but just a few minor additions. Most notable is the Earth and sword symbol on the saucer and nacelles. The translucent orange ramscoops have painted silver antennae and at the other end of the nacelles the rounded silver exhaust have been replaced with grills. That’s the extent of the changes, subtle yet accurate.


The accompanying magazine differs from regular issues as there is no schematics section, nor the usual article on the ship’s design history. Rather there is a series of articles on the Mirror Universe’s crew, filming the ISS Enterprise, the writing of the Mirror, Mirror episode and a short article on a near appearance of Shatner in ST:Enterprise.


Whilst the model may be 95% similar to the original Enterprise it doesn’t detract from it’s excellent build quality and fascinating obscurity.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Simple yet distinctive with Mirror Universe additions
  • Construction: 5/5 – as good as the Issue 50 model
  • Ship design: 4/5 – The original Enterprise is still the best
  • Overall: 5/5 – Nice excuse to add another Enterprise to the collection

5 thoughts on “ISS Enterprise

  1. Glad to see yours arrived in one piece – I got mine much sooner than you (a first for me, it seems), but it was broken into 5 pieces (far and away the worst condition of any ship I’ve received to date) and I’m still waiting on my replacement!

  2. Yup, why not another Enterprise? I think there was a sale on as well, so it was 10% off or something. How could you not get one? I was surprised to read in the magazine that many of the Mirror Universe markings on this ship were never actually seen in the episode itself. So it’s kinda non-canon, but not really. Either way, let’s fill the Quadrant with Enterprises!

  3. Very nice this one, I’ve always loved the original Enterprise and the mirror universe version is just as good. I’m glad I ordered this one and am hoping for more from the mirror universe, the NX class would be nice.

  4. Gorgeous little ship. Looking at it makes me hope that Eaglemoss does a little more with the tooling. I know nobody is crazy about repaints, but a battle damaged torn apart Matt Decker’s USS Constellation from The Doomsday Machine would be a blast. (That and a battle damaged Wrath of Khan or Search For Spock Refit Enterprise are high on my wish list.)

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