USS Budapest

We come to the fourth and final ship that appeared in the battle of sector 001, the Norway Class USS Budapest. This is the rarest seen of all, being barely glimpsed in ST:First Contact. The first time I encountered this class of ship was in the DS9 Technical Manual as a side-on schematic. This showed the ships’s shallow, sharp profile with underslung nacelles with wide struts.


Like the other three Battle of Sector 001 models this is a very well reproduced ship with excellent detail, build and use of materials. Most of the ship is metal – only the nacelles and the underside of the ‘saucer’ are plastic, so it has a very solid feel. The nacelles use both red and blue transparent plastics for the scoops and grills respectively. A small section of the grills are only painted on and another even smaller section is not painted at all. The painted part are understandable, but too bad there is a part completely neglected.  I am glad to see the shuttle bay doors at the back of the saucer section are well attended to as previous models have seen them neglected. Here they are painted and numbered perfectly.


Instead of any aztecing the hull consists of coloured panels. Mostly they are light grey, but there are some darker panels, some light avocado plating and on the underside a lot of pale blue. It’s a good effect that does give the ship a more militaristic feel. All over there are plenty of little details such as windows, escape pods, phaser strips and exposed machinery. Finishing it off are the Starfleet peanuts and swooshes plus red highlighting on most edges. Together it makes a very detailed model and surprisingly colourful model.


This is a great addition to the collection, which whilst it is a very obscure ship it’s been excellently reproduced and is very interesting to look at.

  • Detailing: 5/5 – Most TNG era models are good and this is no exception
  • Construction: 5/5 – predominantly metal and no obvious joins
  • Ship design: 5/5 – Federation military chic
  • Overall: 5/5 – obscure yet packed full of detail




7 thoughts on “USS Budapest

  1. curious, does the accompanying magazine tell how the details, especially on the underside, are confirmed and/or how Eaglemoss got the facts on this one, since the Norway’s computer meshes were supposedly lost soon after FC?

  2. Sadly no; After the in-Universe look at the Norway, the rest of the magazine is about the costumes on FC. There’s only a small comment that the Norway design files were corrupted. No further explanation.

  3. I was really surprised at the lack of details in the magazine with this ship. The costuming articles seemed really out of place compared to other issues. Don’t get me wrong, the info was interesting just not on topic. I guess that’ll happen with some of the more obscure ships. I would have been more interested with more details regarding the reconstruction of the digital model from which this ship was produced.

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