USS Relativity

Before I take a look at the USS Relativity some news first. It is now official: the collection has been expanded to at least 110 issues. That means 20 more ships have been added. This might mean shelling out more, but I’m glad as the original line-up of 70 would have meant the collection would be all done by this coming spring.

Here’s the announcement on which doesn’t add much more but does confirm the Daedalus and New Orleans classes will be making an appearance.


The USS Relativity is a Starfleet vessel, though it doesn’t look like one at first glance. In fact the Wells class ship has a distinctly aquatic aesthetic with it’s curved, streamlined hull, fins and impeller. Whether this design is unique to time-travel capable ships or to Starfleet in general is unclear. What the schematic in the magazine does describe is some major changes to classical Starfleet concepts. There are no warp nacelles and there is a reference to a disruptor at the front of ship, a technology used by the Klingons. No doubt this implies significant technological and political changes in the 500 years since the TNG era.


The model is basic yet sturdy, made of only two pieces – the top and bottom of the hull. The lower plastic piece fits into the underside of the main metal part, which being the larger of the two pieces ensures the model has a decent weight to it. In fact it does not feel hollow, though I’m sure it is. This is a certainly the Starfleet ship that has deviated most from the expected tropes leaving very little recognisable. On the underside is a tiny purple coloured navigational deflector. It looks like there may be phaser strips either side of the hull, but it isn’t clear if that is there purpose.


What should make it clear this is a Starfleet vessel is the pennant and accompanying red swoosh. But for reasons unknown this is completely absent from the model. I suspect a mistake, but it’s particularly egregious one as without it there are no identifying markings. Even the magazine clearly shows the pennant! On the collections’ Facebook page you can see some enterprising collectors have made their own decals to make up for this.


This is a simple, uncomplicated model. Not quite at the levels of the ST:TOS models as it does have a reasonable amount of decoration such a windows, an unusual purple ‘temporal core’ plus some nice patterning on the fins. The main paintwork is a very pleasant pearlescent turquoise that has a light metallic sparkle. It contrasts well with the silver grey edging. There not much to write home about for this edition, well executed but for the surprisingly pennant oversight.

  • Detailing: 2/5 – simple but not too basic, but pennant completely omitted!
  • Construction: 3/5 – again this is simple, so little to go wrong with
  • Ship design: 3/5 – Nothing special
  • Overall: 2/5 – an uninspiring ship well built yet totally let down by missing decals

It’s a poor score for this issue, but the magazine is good. The profile of Captain Braxton is a good read and the article on ST:VOY’s special effects  is interesting.


3 thoughts on “USS Relativity

  1. Very odd that the link to Hero Collectors says the new ships added to the collection will all be canon, since the next special issue (Enterprise NX-01 refit) isn’t.

    Note spelling error in your article: “it isn’t clear if that is there purpose.”

    I also noticed the missing decal, and for that reason alone consider this a failed model. For all their self-congratulatory pats on the back about accuracy, missing something this obvious is inexcusable. It’s up there with the backwards pennant on the Defiant or the ships labeled with “United Federaration of Planets”.

  2. I agree with your score for the ship. Very disappointing that they never put the Starfleet pennant on it. But I also thought that the magazine was a disappointment too. I was looking forward to seeing how they came about deciding on this design for the timeship and maybe some ship drawings and designs that they thought about using before deciding to use the one this design.

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