Model News & Shuttlecraft

It’s been a bit quiet on the collection front recently. I’ve been busy on other projects and there has been little news forthcoming from Eaglemoss. That’s all changed now – I’ve suddenly got a backlog of ships setting on my desk ready for review and Ben Robinson has been releasing lots of great pictures of future models. I was planning on reviewing the USS Kelvin this week but today the shuttlecraft collection turned up at work and I’m bursting to give you my ‘unboxing’ review!

So expect that review in the next couple of days – it’ll be a big one. Here’s a teaser picture of the box. It’s bigger than I expected as each of the four ships have their own box inside the same as a regular model, even though they are so dinky.


There are several items in the Eaglemoss shop I haven’t bought yet. The USS Defiant and USS Voyager plaques have been on sale for a few weeks now at £19.99. It’s a bit pricy so I’ve not rushed out to buy either yet.

Considerably more interesting it today’s release the ISS Enterprise, the mirror universe version of the ST:TOS Enterprise. This is the same price as a regular model and comes with a magazine numbered ‘M1’. This implies this is only the first in a series of mirror universe models, and in fact the next release will be the mirror NX-01.


Over on twitter Ben Robinson has posted some new pics. There are a couple more shots of the NX-01 refit, the mundane looking Federation Attack Fighter and the fascinating Breen warship.



Finally with Star Trek: Beyond due out next year, and the super exciting news of an actual TV series in 2017 there is a good chance the collection is going to carry on past issue 90. Let’s hope so!


3 thoughts on “Model News & Shuttlecraft

  1. My shuttles arrived before the announced release date. They are very nice and I know they were pricey, but to me, worth the price.

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