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My review of the USS Kelvin special edition is coming imminently, but news of the next special stopped me in my tracks. I’m a big fan of the NX-01 and I think the refit is a perfect blend of ST:TOS and ST:Enterprise design. Fresh from Ben Robinson’s Twitter feed here are two images of the refit special:




5 thoughts on “Special Edition News

  1. I agree it’s very nice, but is it canon? My understanding is that it was done by one of the designers after Enterprise had left the air. He did some drawings for his own amusement of what a refit NX would look like. I’m not a big fan of non-canon ships, because it just swells the list of ships to an outrageous number. And if non-canon crowds out canon ships, what’s the point of that? Fanboys get sweaty thinking about the Titan, but meanwhile ships we’ve seen onscreen don’t make the cut.

  2. It was going to be canon in season 5. After the beating it took in the Romulan War, they were gonna get a full upgrade. At least, the show runners and designers wanted that to happen. It’s unknown if that would have happened, because it would have meant redoing all the generic flyby shots of the ship which would have bumped the cost of that season up. Also, the NX designer actually intended this upgrade from the first creation of the NX back in season 1 and worked it into the design from the get go. So it’s the most canon non-canon ship you can get.

    Being a big fan of the NX, I’ll be getting this. It’s a perfect mid-step between Archer and Kirk. Also, as this is my first comment, just want to say love this little review blog you have. Keep up the great work!

  3. The design is from Doug Drexler, and it was intended to be featured in season 5. Although it remains unclear if it would be used as a full ongoing upgrade of the ship via a refit, or merely as a glimpse at a future refit. It falls into that grey area of cannon alongside the USS Titan. They are both designs that Paramount commissioned, created and have publicly shown, but have never appeared on screen.

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