Borg Tactical Cube

After a very long gap it’s nice to see a return to infamous TNG era baddies, the Borg. Already we’ve seen the Borg Sphere and the original Cube, though as a subscriber special only, and now a Voyager upgrade to Cube, the Class 4 Tactical Cube – 3km on each side and armoured.


This is a very light model as unsurprisingly it is hollow and it appears to be completely plastic. That’s a shame as the Sphere was all metal, solid and had a decent heft to it. I would say Borg ships are extremely difficult to reproduce accurately. You would think a square ship would make it simple, but the problem is there is no actual hull – it’s more like a dense scaffold of pipes and components. The only exception with the Tactical Cube is the azteced blue plating. The rest of the cube has a dirty brushed metal effect that looks nice, but doesn’t quite match the on-screen ships.


I never had high hopes for this model because I knew Eaglemoss could not fashion an accurate Cube at this scale. In fact the larger subscriber-only model is more effective as it has the built in light. Also too bad this is the first model that eschews metal completely.

  • Detailing: 2/5 – disappointingly simplistic
  • Construction: 3/5 – it appears to be made of only two pieces, so few joins, but it’s all plastic
  • Ship design: 3/5 – the original cube looks better
  • Overall: 2/5 – no judgement on Eaglemoss here, just a very hard ship to pull off well

3 thoughts on “Borg Tactical Cube

  1. I agree; as soon as I picked this model out of its box, I thought, “Aha, no metal. I know someone’s going to ding this in his review eventually”. And I was right. It looks alright for what it is, but as you say, with no metal, it’s a disappointment. Metal like the sphere with plastic armour would have been fine.

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