Shuttlecraft Special Edition

Exciting times! I’m expecting delivery of the USS Kelvin special edition any day now, but this week something even more special is for sale over at, the Shuttlecraft special edition. We’ve previously seen this bevy of dinky shuttlecraft included as a subscriber perk in Germany. I was very jealous, but no longer as all four are now available to purchase in the UK along with some fascinating little ‘Okudagrams’.


The Okudagram schematics look amazing, almost like a prop from the shows. However the bad news is this bundle of ships costs a bundle – £75. If it were just the ships on sale I’d be a little affronted, but the Okudagram do add an extra dimension. Fortunately the offer code ‘SHUTTLES’ knocks off £20 making this special edition a more palatable £55. It still a lot of money, but I’m off now to order mine!


A nice addition would be a magazine for all four shuttles, covering the design process and in-universe history but instead you’ll just have to head over to Memory Alpha for the latter. One final note – the Shuttlecraft special edition should be available in the US from the late October/early November.


7 thoughts on “Shuttlecraft Special Edition

  1. Thanks for including the promo code. I just placed my order. Can’t wait! These and the Kelvin will be a great combo (hoping they arrive together).

  2. Beginning April 2016, just seen shuttlecrafts. Will there be a chance to back order this special. There sure we be enough interest

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