Vulcan D’Kyr Type

The D’Kyr Type was the Vulcans’ most powerful class of warship in the 22nd Century and appeared in several episodes of ST:Enterprise. Much like the simpler Surak Class it’s major design features are the elongated, pointed hull and large nacelle ring, all painted in a dusky burgundy.


The model looks very plain compared to the usually detailed Starfleet vessels. There are darker panels and painted white windows whilst the impulse engines are red. I’d like to have tiny pieces of transparent red instead for this to brighten up the model.  That’s pretty much it for the decoration so it’s just as well it is distinguishes itself on the shelf with the warp ring. It is a great gyroscopic-like design with a hole in the hull that matches the ring. Again I feel there is a need for more paintwork here as I’d like to see the inside of the ring painted to give the effect of the engines under power.


Thankfully the model is well constructed and looks good from all angles. The top half is die-cast metal, but not the underside nor the warp ring. The hull that protrudes into the centre of the ring is quite cute as it’s almost a miniature version of the ship itself, made out of an upper and lower hull and a tiny little ring.


The magazine has the usual design sketches, ship trivia and an interesting article on Vulcan history which is well worth a read. It does add some good background to a what is unfortunately a rather plain ship. Eaglemoss has done a decent enough job replicating the D’Kyr, but a touch more colour and detail would be appreciated.


  • Detailing: 3/5 – basic but true to the Vulcan design
  • Construction: 4/5 – the warp ring and inner hull is well put together
  • Ship design: 3/5 – the warp ring looks great on an otherwise undistinguished vessel
  • Overall: 3/5 – plain yet interesting

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