Klingon Augments’ Ship

Time for another Klingon vessel, the eight in the collection so far – the Augments’ Ship or Laneth’s Ship. This is a small angular warship with the requisite trademark wings, swept back much like the Raptor’s. It’s a simple and compact design with an interesting mask-like cowl that covers the front of the hull, containing the main torpedo launcher and two leading antennae. The expected disruptors are mounted at the end of each wing and thin pipes runs along the trailing ends of the wings and on the underside.


I’m always a fan of plastic transparencies in the models as they add a bit of colour and variation to what can often be bland decor. For the Augments’ Ship there is a large piece of red plastic with painted green lines which makes the large grill on the top of the hull. On the back the impulse engines are neatly reproduced with tiny pieces of red plastic. It’s a nice touch. Aside from these coloured pieces the rest of the model is painted in the same mottled green all over. That’s a shame as a bit more colour would make this model a bit more outstanding.


This is a well reproduced little ship with some nice details and careful construction. Most of the model is metal including the wings so it has a decent weight and the pieces have been joined together well. However I’d have been a bit more impressed if it were a bit more colourful.


  • Detailing: 3/5 – nice use of plastics but a little bland
  • Construction: 4/5 – well put together, but it is a simple ship
  • Ship design: 3/5 – it’s obviously Klingon, but hardly an outstanding specimen
  • Overall: 3/5 – a decent model but appears dull compared to others in the collection



One thought on “Klingon Augments’ Ship

  1. I received my today and one of thin end arms was broken off. It’s the first time I have ever had one arrived broken. I only have five more to go to complete everything I was missing. Now I am just waiting on the release of #54-55 here in the States.

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