Enterprise Box Set

You might not be collecting every ship in the collection – and I don’t blame you. At around £10 a ship and at least 90 issues the full set is going to end up being pretty pricy.

Instead if you’re a fan of the various Enterprises (and if you’re a Trekky, I’d expect you to be) for £34.99 you can now buy a box set of the Enterprises C, D and E. It comes in a presentation box and combines each ship’s individual issue with a 50 page magazine.


However you’re probably better buying them individually and saving yourself a few pounds if you’re planning on taking them out of the box.



One thought on “Enterprise Box Set

  1. Just got issues #54 & 55 today, along with a note that with issue #56, the price will be going up to £10.99 per issue. I think a lot of people will be having to take a long hard look at carrying on any further.

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