Hirogen Warship

Here’s a funny looking ship – the Hirogen Hunter from Voyager. It feels like the designers couldn’t leave it alone and kept adding more nacelles, weapons and fins until they ran out of space. The magazine does has the real scoop on what designer Rick Sternbach was really thinking, it’s not quite as haphazard as I’m making it out to be. What we do have as a result is an aggressive mix of angular and bulbous parts and Eaglemoss has done a good job of reproducing it.


The model is pleasantly hefty as a high proportion is die-cast metal. That’s nice as often only half of some models are metal, but here not only is the entire hull metal but so are the main nacelles and their struts. I don’t think any model so far has been made like that. That means only the secondary nacelles, the main nacelle carapaces, ‘sublight impeller’ and weapons turret are plastic. These are all very interesting design elements in themselves. Few ships have a second pair of nacelles save the USS Stargazer and USS Prometheus. To give the ship it’s aggressive stance the main nacelles are shielded on their outer sides and just behind the leading hull section are three weapons turrets which are surprisingly similar to those seen on the Malon Export Vessel. The magazine describes the huge nozzle at the rear as a ‘sublight impeller’ to differentiate it from the usual Federation style impulse engines.


What I do think is missing is a bit of colour. The whole ship is coloured mottled grey with some red highlights for the nacelles and brand wrapping the main hull. All ships look better on the screen as they generally have some sort of glow, often from their nacelles and this is always hard to put across on a model so it’s understandable.

20150726_181609I’m pretty happy with this model for several reasons. Firstly it’s really well constructed with plenty of metal, a nice heft and barely any joins considering it’s complicated design. There are few plain parts of the model, being coated in panels, symbols and various grills. I was a big fan of the Hirogen back in the day and it interests me to hold one of their ships in my hand and realise it’s a actually quite a funny looking thing.

  • Detailing: 4/5 – much to like, but lacking in colour
  • Construction: 5/5 – plenty of metal and fits together well
  • Ship design: 3/5 – hmm, it’s interesting but a bit of a mishmash
  • Overall: 4/5 – an odd ship very well reproduced in model form

As is often the case the magazine deviates little from it’s regular format with sections on the history of the Hirogen, ship design and a general overview of the design of the Hirogen infrastructure.


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