Issue 50: Enterprise NCC-1701

Well here it is, the original Enterprise NCC-1701 now fifty years old and perhaps coincidentally issue fifty of the collection. It’s been a long time since the let down of the issue 2 refit, plenty of time for Eaglemoss to learn from the mistakes of past models to hopefully deliver a flawless reproduction. Have they pulled if off?


Let’s first look at Enterprises in the collection past and pending as there have many. Starfleet has had the lion’s share of coverage in the collection so far, and unsurprisingly the various Enterprises have had a starring role in this line-up. The collection got off to a great start with the Enterprise D, now flooding ebay thanks to it’s cheap introductory price. This was quickly followed up by the disappointing NCC-1701 refit in issue 2 as well as the Enterprise D ‘All Good Things’ Refit subscriber only. With issue 4 seeing the release of the NX-01 there was a break for several months until the Enterprise E made an appearance in issue 21. The re-imagined Enterprise of the recent movies have not been left out either as the second special edition. The obscure variations B and C have also been released, taking us to issue 50 and the ship that started it all, the original NCC-1701.


That is a lot of Enterprises, but there are still more to come! Already confirmed as the sixth special edition is the NX-01 refit which I’m really looking forward to. The issue 4 model was great so I’ve got high hopes for a nicely detailed yet hardly seen ship. We may very likely see the NCC-1701 A at some point and possibly the Enterprise J which should be fascinating. There are rumours of plenty other variations too, such as the Enterprise in dry dock, or special edition larger scale versions of already released ships, but this very much depends on the continued popularity of the collection.
Without further ado let’s take a look at the original NCC-1701. From it’s sixties series roots you can see it is sparsely decorated compared to TNG onwards vessels, and for once that is a good thing. The gently curved saucer section is not obscured by asztecing, escape pods or windows, just pale greenish-grey hull paint which I believe Eaglemoss has nailed. ‘NCC-1701’ is emblazoned across the top of the saucer, underneath and the nacelles too whilst the star fleet insignia and swoosh runs along the engineering hull and nacelles. There are a few more bits of details, but in the main that’s it and it works. The iconic domes at the leading end the nacelles are there in translucent orange plastic as is the red deflector dish with central antennae. It’s all very retro and looks great.
The NCC-1701 Refit model was a letdown thanks to it’s poor construction – ill fitting pieces with large joins in obvious places. Eaglemoss have done a better job this time. The engineering hull is two pieces that fit nicely reasonably well and the struts join up with it beautifully. Underneath the struts are not so flush fitting with the nacelles, but they aren’t terrible.
I have very little to dislike about this model. It has been thoughtfully assembled and the colours carefully chosen to faithfully reproduce the most classic of starships.
  • Detailing: 5/5 (simple yet striking)
  • Construction: 4/5 (some noticeable joins, but looks great from most angles)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (it’s the Enterprise – what else d’you want?)
  • Overall: 5/5 (no complaints here)

I re-read the magazine this evening – it’s the usual fare, introducing the Enterprise with a schematic followed by an article on designing the ship, then it’s construction. It’s interested to see how the whole concept of starship design could have gone so differently.


4 thoughts on “Issue 50: Enterprise NCC-1701

  1. A pretty good model, but I do wish the nacelle strut joins were less noticeable. Other nit-picking includes the top saucer decals seemingly just slightly off-center (the “N” seems just a bit farther away from the bridge than the final “1”), and the lack of detail/definition on the shuttlecraft bay doors. Otherwise, I agree the rest is superb. Makes me want the Galileo shuttlecraft even more!

    No comments about the magazine this time?

  2. I received mine today and when I picked it up the saucer section popped right off. It was not broken and seemed to not have any adhesive applied. I applied some and it is good as new. I didn’t order another since I feel it might happen again. It is a lovely ship. I enjoy your reviews and the photos you post let me see the ships I have not purchased yet. Thank you for your site and insightful reviews.

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