ECS Fortunate

Of all the models in the collection this is the oldest human ship so far. There are older ships from other races such as the Bajoran Solar Sailor. The ship itself might be a ‘modern’ reproduction but its design is centuries old. Perhaps we might see the Phoenix, the first ever human warp capable ship built by Zefram Cochrane, but until then the ECS Fortunate represents the dawn of the human warp travel.

The magazine has an excellent article on this very matter, starting with the Phoenix before moving onto the age of space freighters like the Fortunate and the advent of the Warp 5 engine, as fitted in the NX-01 Enterprise.

Let’s take a look at the model. It has virtually no similarity to future Starfleet vessels with the sole exception of the twin nacelles. It’s not until you look underneath the ship you’ll see them, hidden under the main length of the ship, very small in comparison. When looking underneath it’s clear as much attention has been given to the model there as on top. I’ve found it a regular disappointment that many models are quite plain on the underside. Not with the Fortunate. It’s on the underside you can see the pastel blue nacelles, a tiny little aerial array and a row of cylindrical components (perhaps storage for water or fuel).
Each of the eight cargo containers are identical but for the differently coloured numbered decals, one to eight. They add a nice splash of colour to the shaded gun-metal grey that coats most of the ship. Have a look at the photo below – see if you can spot the mistake with my model!
The bridge and living area is separate from the main spine of the ship studded with a variety of sensors, aerials and fins plus ‘Fortunate’ printed on either side. Small windows are painted on the side.
I really like this model. It’s nice to see a commercial vessel rather than a war ship or explorer, especially as its form obviously describes it’s function. It’s really well reproduced with tonnes of nice detail and decoration without neglect anywhere. I can even forgive the mistake with the cargo containers.
  • Detailing: 5/5 (intricate and carefully done all over)
  • Construction: 5/5 (a nicely heavy model with no ugly joins)
  • Ship design: 4/5 (functional and satisfying industrial)
  • Overall: 5/5 (well thought out and perfectly executed)

6 thoughts on “ECS Fortunate

  1. Quite a surprise about the numbering on your model. Are you going to contact EM for a replacement? I did that with one of them, and I was sent a new model, no questions asked. I even got to keep the old one.

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