Armoured USS Voyager

This is the second ship in the collection to have two models after the issue one Enterprise D and the ‘All Good Things’ subscriber special. For comparison I’ve taken a snap of the two models side by side, showing that the stands are slightly different – the Armoured variant is not as high.


The armoured model is simpler than the issue six version as the entire ship is painted silver with only additional paintwork being the red grills of the impulse engines. The hull plating makes the design far simpler – no need to depict phaser arrays, escape pods or sensor palettes, in fact many features are hidden. Take the bridge – this is now covered by curved plating as is the auxiliary deflector and shuttle bay. Nice details like the recessed shuttlecraft and Starfleet pennants are absent. Whilst this is all correct it does make the model less interesting.


There are some nice additions that the original model did not have. The deflector is transparent red plastic with a silver insert and the nacelles use both transparent blue and red plastics.


From above the model looks good as the joins are not visible. The underside is disappointing though. The issue six model pulled this off well but the Armoured variant has failed badly here with huge gaps between joins in very obvious places.

This is a nice enough model but by the ship’s nature it lacks in detail and has some construction flaws. The magazine is worth a read for a extra long and detailed section on the Borg Queen.

  • Detailing: 3/5 (good use of plastics but plain compared to regular Starfleet models)
  • Construction: 3/5 (all joins are on the underside, but they are very noticeable)
  • Ship design: 4/5 (interesting variation of a Starfleet vessel)
  • Overall: 3/5 (decent, but nothing special)

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