IKS Negh’Var

The Negh’Var is the powerful Klingon flagship as seen on Deep Space Nine. So far the most comparable model in the collection is the issue 20 Vor’cha – somewhat similar in colour and shape. On first inspection the Negh’Var is a colourful nicely assembled model. All the joins are on the underside, and even those fit in well whilst above not a single join is obvious. Most of the model is metal with only the nacelles, bridge, upper hull piece and disrupter cannons being made of plastic. This gives it a decent weight.


There is plenty of decoration with panels of dark red and green with yellow highlights. It would have been nice to see some use of transparent plastics on the nacelles, instead it’s more of the same deep red. It really is a very nice looking model and seems well thought out, that is until I realised some pretty crucial parts of the ship are missing! Firstly the ram scoops on the leading edge of the wings are completely absent, instead there is no decoration at all. This issue’s magazine makes it clear these should be present. Even more surprising are the incomplete nacelles. They should taper off at the ends, but rather they end crudely truncated, and on the underside appears incomplete. The same applies to the aft weapons platform, the underside is again incomplete, the wrong shape and has no decoration at all!


This is a great surprise to me, why would Eaglemoss do this? They’ve executed many other model well previously and the parts missing here are not beyond their capabilities. I had to check out pictures of the model from online shops to see if I’d been given a duff model, but no this appears to be the finished model.


If anyone can make sense of this I’m keen to hear it, but sadly means this issue scores very badly. I do recommend the magazine though, it’s got plenty of interesting Klingon lore and backstory.

  • Detailing: 2/5 (blank hollow pieces – why?)
  • Construction: 1/5 (where’s the rest of those nacelles?)
  • Ship design: 4/5 (colourful Klingon lineage is at first glance lovely)
  • Overall: 2/5 (it wouldn’t have taken much to make this a great model, but alas it is a curate’s egg)

5 thoughts on “IKS Negh’Var

  1. Oh well, you know, at this price point, some details are just going to be missing. That’s the excuse Ben Robinson has used before. Same thing with the back of the ‘neck’ on the Enterprise C; great model with an odd lack of expected detail. If they spent as much time checking supposedly ‘finished’ models for flaws as they must do salivating over every horrible ‘kitbash’ ship you see for a fraction of a second in the distance of a fleet battle, we’d all be better off.

    My two main concerns at the moment are: 1) Issue #50, Kirk’s Enterprise will have some horrible flaw. There’s a rumour that the deflector dish will be the wrong colour on the shipped versions. 2) EM will be happy to extend the collection since we’re all paying a tenner each for substandard workmanship. We’ll have over a hundred ships, with only about 30% of them decent value for money (if we’re lucky).

  2. Oh, and I noticed the bridge on your Negh’Var is crooked. Mine is too, but not nearly as ‘jauntily’ as yours.

  3. And the body overall is way too thin. And the nacelles look cartoonishly thick. This was one of my most anticipated issues to receive. So sad that it has turned out to be such a disappointing replica…

  4. Sorry for a basic question under a review page, but if I sign up for the subscription now, do they ship out starting from the beginning of the series or from where they are at this point? Can I choose to cancel or skip ships I have no interest in (or got bad reviews like this one?)

    Thanks so much,

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m not sure about whether subs start from the beginning or not, I suspect they can start from whatever issue you choose, but I can’t find any information to confirm that. I doubt once you’re subscribed you can skip ships, so maybe better to buy them individually. Without a subscription you don’t get the subscriber only gifts, but you can pick these up on Ebay if any interest you.

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