News: Issues 66 to 70

Over on Eaglemoss have announced the latest five ships in the collection taking us up to the original 70 models. They are:

  • 66: SS Raven
    Federation exploration vessel 7 of 9 grew up on
  • 67: ST:TOS D7 Klingon Battlecruiser
    We’ve already seen the K’Tinga battle cruiser earlier in the collection
  • 68: Federation Attack Fighter
    Seen in ST:DS9 and we have the Marquis variant in the collection already
  • 69: Breen warship
    Another rarely seen ST:DS9 ship of fascinating design
  • 70: Voth City Ship
    This will be the largest ship reproduced in the collection so far and appeared in one episode of ST:VOY


We still have another 20 model to be announced, specials aside, and the chance of increasing the collection further if the demand is there.


2 thoughts on “News: Issues 66 to 70

  1. Do you think there will be enough demand for expanding beyond 90? I have to admit I’m not big on the ‘kitbash’ models that were only seen fleetingly in various battles. And I’m opposed to non-canon ships (like those that appear only in novels). I suppose a good question to ask is, what is the most popular ship that’s not either been produced as a model, or confirmed as a future one?

  2. As long as they keep banging um out ill buy um. There’s been a good few I’ve not been too bothered about. But most of them I’m happy with. Can’t think of top of me h ear of any missing ships, apart from theses German shuttles I really really want them!!!!

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