Enterprise C

We’re approaching Issue 50 and the release of the ship that started it all off, the Original Series Enterprise. In the meantime we’ve seen various other Enterprises, and here is one of the more obscure – the Enterprise C. Seen in only one episode of ST:TNG nonetheless it’s obvious a lot of thought went into the ship’s design, being the missing link between the ST:TOS and ST:TNG Enterprises. It’s a great design, keeping the perfectly round saucer section and tapered barrel engineering hull the NCC-1701 had but the nacelles are much more like the D.


The model is a great reproduction. It’s a solid build, nice to hold and the pieces fit together well. The saucer is large and die-cast metal, so the model has a decent weight to it. The hull has no aztecing but there is plenty of other detail with windows, phaser arrays and escape pods in place. The registry appears on both sides of the saucer, on either side of both nacelles and on the struts too, whilst the traditional Starfleet symbol and red swoosh decorating not only both sides of the engineering section but underneath too. The back half of engineering is almost completely blank though, especially on the underside.



My favourite part of the model are the nacelles. The are super-detailed with more swooshes and registry, plus plenty of other markings like lights, grills and blue stripes. The classic transparent turquoise blue makes an appearance as does the transparent red. All these little pieces fit together tightly and look excellent. The top of the saucer looks good too, with the bridge nicely detailed and in a similar design to that of many other Enterprise variants. Another excellent touch is the huge deflector dish. It’s transparent blue plastic again, and it looks like the model is hollow behind it. It looks great.


There really is a great deal to like about this model. I’m totally biased as I’m a big fan of Starfleet ships, and Enterprise variants even more so, but Eaglemoss have certainly pulled this one off. I have little to criticise about it except for the lack of decoration in some places. I think I prefer this over the Enterprise D model.


  • Detailing: 5/5 (best nacelles I’ve seen in a model so far)
  • Construction: 5/5 (sturdy and well thought out)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (perfect blend of nostalgic TOS and ‘modern’ TNG)
  • Overall: 5/5 (one of my favourite models in the collection to date)

6 thoughts on “Enterprise C

  1. I whole-heartily agree. I was really looking forward to the “C” and it did not disappoint. I’d hate to pick a “favourite” ship so far, but this would be a very strong contender. Just beautiful; great design, and great execution. The only detail I could quibble with is mine has some window creep, but even so, it’s fantastic to look at. The lack of detail on some underside areas is really in fitting with a ship that’s in line between the original Enterprise (a ship with plenty of ‘lack of detail’) and the “D” and “E” variants, with their aztecing throughout.

    1. Can’t tell if the impulse engines are there or not. You can see where they are on this illustration, but this model isn’t shot from any angle to be sure.

  2. Yes, the model is missing the impulse engine. The back of the neck section is blank except for a join down the centre.

    1. Thanks! Still looks like an awesome model. Thanks for the review. I look forward to getting this one.

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