Malon Export Vessel

We are now half way through the collection with issue 45 of 90, the Malon Export Vessel. Already there have been some amazing ships including classics like the various Enterprises (NX-01, , B, D, E) and many excellent obscure vessels (I’m thinking of the Akira Class, USS Prometheus and Romulan Drone). Of course there have been some disappointing ones too such as the Enterprise A Refit and 2152 Romulan BoP. I’m certainly looking forward to the next 45 models, though I may run out of shelf space and money!


The Export Vessel is an interesting ship. It is essentially a bin lorry (or garbage truck for any North Americans) filled with very, very dangerous waste. Apparently Malon industry produces large quantities of toxic waste that they dump into relatively empty areas of interstellar space. The ship mostly comprises three huge storage spheres, connected in a row and supported with long struts. An upper hull stretches across all three spheres, curving round them slightly and dotted with twelve weapons towers.


Whilst the model reproduces the ship’s striking design well it is very bland, being painted a mottled brown all over. This gives it a dirty, utilitarian feel but also makes it look rather dull. There is a hint more colour with deflectors at both ends of the ships made of clear plastic saucers over a yellow backing. The impulse engines and triple-nacelles warp engines also have this same yellow decor and the bridge has a tiny little strip of light blue for it’s window. That’s it though. I’d like the weapon towers to have some decoration, but they are plain brown.

The construction is sound and sturdy with well fitting parts considering it’s intricate design. The underside of the upper hull is disappointingly plain but it’s hard to see as the three spheres hide it well. It’s a shame it has such a dismal paint job, but then it is a bin lorry!


The magazine this issue is good. I like the detailed backstory of the Malon and a nice article of Voyager’s fifth season. The obligatory ship schematic is in there too.

  • Detailing: 3/5 (many parts, but lacking in detail)
  • Construction: 5/5 (surprisingly robust and well put together)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (original design for a vessel that is neither an explorer nor warship)
  • Overall: 4/5 (interesting ship with bland paintwork)

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