United Earth Starfleet Intrepid

Recent Starfleet models have been an eclectic mix of cult classics like the Enterpise B and the Delta Flyer as well as weird constructions such as the USS Pasteur and the USS Grissom. The Intrepid doesn’t fit in the latter – it adheres to the regular lineage of two nacelles and a saucer section without any outrageous deviations. It probably doesn’t fit in the former either but it is a pretty cool ship. Technically it is the forerunner of all Starfleet vessels, before even the NX-01. The design would be sleek but for nacelles that appear to be oversized and rather too close to the saucer but it has a pleasing retro feel to it.


The model replicates the Intrepid well though I feel the hull colour is lighter than it should be – I expected it to be closer to the NX-01’s silver. Nevertheless it is azteced well all over, even on the nacelles which generally doesn’t occur on Starfleet ships. I believe this is because the nacelle are relatively large compared to the rest of the ship. They sit barely a millimetre off the saucer section, making this the ship’s most outstanding unusual feature. The nacelles also have very large fins which actually suit it as they match the widening struts that join the nacelles to the small engineering hull. The bulbous bussard ramscoops look great in transparent red plastic, but it’s too bad the blue lighting along the sides of the nacelles didn’t receive the same treatment. Instead there is an extremely subtle pale blue wash which does not do it justice. Also I find the gold ends of the nacelle a bit clunky. Gold is used elsewhere on the model such as for the elongated deflector dish and the top of the bridge.


An odd construction feature is the lack of detail at the rear of the saucer section – which by the way is actually only half a saucer. Here are the impulse engines and they look terrible. They lack decoration and really show up the join between the top and bottom pars of the saucer. Fortunately it is the only place the joins show up, elsewhere the model looks solid and well constructed.


The magazine is very good this issue. There are several pages devoted to the ship’s history, a decent schematic, a goodly amount of detail about the design evolution – but not too much and finally an interesting article about Robert Bonchune who designed the Intrepid and the Delta Flyer amongst other ships.


I do like this model as it’s well built and has an interesting retro design. Too bad it’s let down in places but overall it’s a decent addition to the collection.

  • Detailing: 4/5 (mostly good, but a more striking blue or transparency would really improve it)
  • Construction: 4/5 (looks great from any angle except from the back)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (retro starfleet)
  • Overall: 4/5 (it looks cool, but lacks some attention to detail in places)

One thought on “United Earth Starfleet Intrepid

  1. I think this is the second model (after the Thunderchild class) not to carry a name. I understand why they didn’t on the show(s) its featured in (and it’s explained in the magazine as well), but it’s still odd. It’s an alright model for all the reasons mentioned, but I’m generally not crazy about ships that are canon with very little screentime. I’m opposed to EM making non-canon ships, since that can easily get out of hand.

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